Faking Out Fate

Don’t ever tell anybody anything.
If you do, you start missing everybody.

– Holden Caulfield

EDITED TO SAY: I KNEW that the second I posted a depressing post, something awesome would happen. I knew it. Fake out fate, my friends, and good things will happen to you.

Josh just sent these:

… to my work. Thank you so much, Josh! The flowers are beautiful and smell good, although the baby monkey concerns me. Does this mean I’m supposed to put out? Oh, and the card is My Little Pony. Haaay! One more surprise like this and I’ll delete the sad stuff. Or – birthday liveblogging? It could be fun, considering the emotional rollercoaster I ride every year. I’ll think about it. Now, back to your regularly scheduled angsty birthday blog that I wrote 10 minutes ago…


My birthday makes me miss:

* Yellow sneakers
* Happy Feet
* Mix tapes
* Bear hugs
* Adventures (finally!) and a
* Best friend

It also makes me miss:

* Stories galore
* Friendly giants
* Egyptian gods
* Songs with my name
* Jello shots
* The TB303 and
* Hiding from the snow

And I also miss:

* Miss Matilda
* Eskimo kisses
* Waking up to fishies
* Cold hardwood floors
* Cakes with 20 names
* and surprises

To top it off, I miss:

* Bartles and James
* Camel lights
* Roundtables on the back porch
* Pretzels and candy
* Juicy gossip and
* my three favorites

I figure if I expect absolutely nothing today, then next year I’ll find something to miss about it. That tends to happen a lot… when you are old. 😥

Here is something incredibly fun that Charles made for me:

He posted this on Geeky Keen with the title “Steph and her French Fiancé Tetreese.” My roommate and I are absolutely swooning over this. It’s center stage on the fridge. Thank you Charles!

Other fun things are happening, and more are on the way. But there’s always an hour or so where I miss those yellow sneakers something awful. I wish it would go away but I think I am kind of stuck with it. Seriously, yellow sneakers are the herpes of my memories.

I will be fine in like 20 minutes, but if you want to speed it up then leave me a joke in the comments. You are funnier than me and I’m proud to know you. Show it off.


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7 responses to “Faking Out Fate

  1. Charles

    Glad you like it. I wanted the woman to look more like you, but just couldn’t get it right. I will have to spend some time practicing drawing Stephies.
    I recently bought a CafePress shop and will be putting my comics on t-shirts, mugs, and mousepads. It may be a silly thing to do, and I might mostly use it to make stuff for myself, but if anyone wants any sort of design on a product talk to me and I’ll add it to my shop.

  2. RØB

    Oh my GOURD, I’ve got this mix-tape just bursting at the seams trying to get to you, I need your address pronto, send it send it send it.


    JOKE: What is the difference between Mick Jagger and a Scottish Shepherd?

  3. SecretlyStephie

    Charles, maybe Miss Jenny Longshot will let me pose for Dr. Sketchy! Are models allowed to wear clothes at Dr. Sketchy?
    RØB – AWESOME! I will e-mail you the address. Does this mixtape include The Monads? Can it be delivered BY a Monad??? And either way – I am on the edge of my seat for the punchline!

  4. Charles

    I believe you can wear clothes, though you may be expected to do something burlesque-esque.
    Hey, you could dress up like an animal. That’d not involve being naked and still be kinda burlesque.
    Personally, I think it’d be awesome if there was “open mic” events intermingled with the posing and drawing. I sent the suggestion along to Mistress Longshot.

  5. RØB

    JOKE ANSWER: Mick Jagger sings “Hey, You, Get offa my cloud”…
    And a Scottish shepherd says “Hey, McLeod, get offa my ewe.”
    (It’s better out loud, I just realized. I’m a sucker for a spoonerism joke.)
    Got the ADDRESS! I have the mixtape tracklist all set up. No Monads on it (their only album I have is from when the lineup was totally different and certain-Monad-free, and furthermore, in spite of how much I like the recordings, the Monads kinda disowned them I think?), but plenty of wicked wicked tunes. Matt Monad told me he was gonna send me some fancy between-that-album-and-their-forthcoming CD, which is exciting even if it’s not the official release with all the artwork and such? How does a local band let their album go out of print?

  6. The Captain

    Happy Birthday!
    Birthdays tend to make me miss old times as well, but I don’t see how you could be down with so many cool gifts in the last week. The Tetris cartoon is awesome, but the Beth Grant Sparklemotion video is about the coolest god-damn gift I have ever seen. Obviously you’re not afraid anymore.
    Did you ever decide if 2008 is officially The Year of Yay! It sounds kinda druggy to me…

  7. SecretlyStephie

    Thanks Captain! I think it IS the Year of Yay… it’s something I tend to shriek all of the time. I don’t do drugs, but if I did I would probably have a more psychedelic name with some kind of animal – The Year of Pink Elephants? Something groovy like that.

    (And dude I haven’t even gotten to the part where Adam and erJaime gave me “Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour: Live in Bucharest”. This will be a future event in my apartment for sure. You and the Mrs. may want to fly up for this.)

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