Peas On My Knees

Him: God, this is incredible.

Me: See?

Him: It’s like massaging my knee. It fits on it perfectly. SO much better than the bottle of rum.

Me: Dude, frozen peas are the best. I told you.

Him: So how long am I supposed to do this?

Me: Well, they say you should ice it down for about 20 minutes, but you’re wearing jeans so –

Him: Who are ‘they’?

Me: You know, sites about knee injuries and stuff.

Him: That’s so awesome. Did they say to get the kind with onions, or…

Me: …

Him: You know, a particular brand?

Me: It wasn’t specifically about peas, man. Just ice.

Him: Oooo-ooooh. (Proceeds to die laughing with me.)

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