My Other Car Is A Canoe

So, my “neck of the woods” was on the Today Show AGAIN yesterday. Don’t worry, it wasn’t for anything evil like kidnapping or mass murder (we save those for late winter, not early spring).

Nah, I’m right by that crazy flood that you’ve been seeing on the news. All the outlets are reporting from Fenton, which is where I work.

SIDENOTE: Why do they insist on sticking reporters directly IN the floodwaters, wearing waders and a parka, to report on how dangerous flooding can be? Should you really be standing in rushing water, let alone holding electrical objects? All us Midwest folk are shaking our heads and tsking at you.

I often brag about my 4-mile commute. I mean, it’s against traffic, away from the sun and one highway exit away. You would brag, too. The only thing that would make it better is if there was a pedestrian bridge across the river because then I could walk or ride my bike.

Well, if I had a 5-mile commute and used the next highway exit over, then last night I would have directly driven into this:

Yes, that is supposed to be a major intersection. Crazy stuff is happening close by, once again. We had a power failure at work on Thursday from the floodwater, and the Meremac River isn’t even supposed to crest until tonight.

Tonight I will be migrating east to ride out the disaster at a Mustache Party. Mustaches seem to bring out the hero in all dudes, so I imagine I will be safe. But I have to go running in a minute, so I might take Steve’s idea and wear one of those inflatable duck lifesavers around my waist.

Hey, it’s MUCH easier to run in floaties than the bulletproof vest I had to wear last month.

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