Five Years and Counting

Happy belated Easter, guys and gals.

I don’t know how you kids celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but I like to crack open a 4-pack of tiny little wine bottles, bake up some tater tots and watch my official Easter movie, Coming to America.

A few years ago when I spent Easter at the Guilfoy’s, we were flipping through the channels and turned it on right during that awesome song at the beginning (“Sheeeeeee’s your Queeeeeeeeeeeen!”). I marveled out loud that it was my third year in a row to catch CTA on cable. I them immediately declared this a sign from the Easter Bunny (and/or God) and have rented it every year since. It gets more adorable each time, I swear.

In case you are wondering, my Thanksgiving movie (and an absolute fav from my childhood) is Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol.

I have not received a sign from the heavens regarding a Christmas movie, but Ron is pretty adamant that it should be Die Hard so I’m renting that this year.

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  1. kevseoul

    my ol’ roomie kicklighter watched coming to americ for xmas, thanksgiving, and easter

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