It’s All In Your Head

I hate negative people more than anything – so much so that I can’t even rationally explain this to you guys. When I think about it too much, it makes me angry, and then I have to run like 5 miles to channel all of that bad energy, and then I’m all lightheaded with little angry leftovers.

Your life can only be as good as you think it can be. YOU are in control of your own happiness.

Do NOT take your shit out on other people. And above all else, do NOT be passive aggressive. Passive aggressive behavior is the most non-productive, irritating shit in the history of humanity. I have spent too much time with shitty people who produced enough negativity for the both of us and it almost completely destroyed me. Depression may be a chemical imbalance, but negativity is a contagious disease. I will never, ever let someone bring me down like that again.

People like that help me burn calories from angry running. But that is basically all they are good for. I am fucking serious; I practically hate them more than they hate themselves (and their job, and their dinner, and their neighbors and the weather and the temperature in the room and whatever the hell else they are complaining about today. PLEASE SHUT UP).

Negativity is like traffic – it’s a chain reaction that affects everyone in your path, building and building with every flip of the bird, every eye-roll and every exasperated sigh. You know those assholes who complain about everything under their breath but make sure you can hear them? I am thoroughly convinced this caused a war somewhere through the butterfly effect. At the very least it will get me arrested someday because that ess makes me so violently angry.

Here is how I overcame the negativity: Vitamin B, sunshine, lots of exercise, learning how to entertain myself and Mates of State. Yes, Mates of State cured me of depression and basically saved my life. I am 100% serious about this.

WATCH THIS AND CHEER THE HELL UP. Then please take your smile and pay it forward, because lord knows the world needs more of them.

(I am madly in love with G.J. Echternkamp.)

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