It’s A Helluva Day To Be At Sea, Sir!

I am watching Overboard right now and I am so into it. When I was little, I would drop everything if Overboard was on the TV and apparently that hasn’t changed one bit. Well, I don’t have a crush on the twin boys anymore, but I can see why I did in third grade.

Tonight is MATES OF STATE!!! It is at The Bluebird and there are probably still tickets, so you guys should all go too, if only to watch me completely spazz out. I’m going with Janet, Ann and Courtney (TPC REUNION!) and I am beyond excited.

This weekend is also the 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT. I had a few great opportunities to participate this year, but ultimately Katie and Joe stole me from Pancake Productions (sorry RØB) for their team. THEN, we were lucky to have Jen, Ron and Pat join in the fun, too.

The film will be animated, so Joe and Katie have probably been awake since we left, drawing and mixing audio and all that stuff that they are so amazing at. We had a lot of fun doing read-throughs and throwing out ideas for new lines. That is the stuff I live for.

K&J created a great plot, but honestly if it were up to me I would make the whole film about Ford doing cute stuff:

Pat did some singing, I was dubbed “One Take Steph”, Ron left to go to a rave (hee) for a bit but rocked, and Jen had a bunch of awesome ideas and did some great acting. Also, you won’t get to see this on film but her hair was ridiculously fierce. Holy crap Jen.

I will tell you more about it (and possibly post a YouTube version?) later this week. Click that hyperlink above for more info about Tuesday’s screening at The Tivoli. THANK YOU KATIE AND JOE; THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

I am so supersuper psyched about tonight. I may even go buy a new dress once I recover from mowing the lawn in 95 degree weather. If you like arts and crafts then this Mates of State video will make you shriek with delight and pass out:

Ugh. I can’t even handle how cute these guys are. I really should hate them, but they are basically perfect.

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