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I Just Discovered …

“Sugar Mountain” by Neil Young. Soooo pretty. How did that one sneak by me?

If I could play any song on the guitar, it would still be “Bold As Love” by Jimi Hendrix, but I would secondly like to learn “Sugar Mountain”, with much-happier lyrics written by yours truly.

I don’t really have anything else to tell you guys, I am very “…” today. I cleaned the sh*t out of my room and watched Season 4 of Buffy in it’s entirety. I have all the Buffies now and I’m just having a ball rediscovering all the fun plots and inside jokes. There’s even commentaries from one of my heroes, Jane Espenson. Good times.

Season 5’s brain-cancer-o-rama is actually less traumatizing to watch than I thought it would be. It’s weirdly comforting watching Buffy do the exact same shit that I’ve been doing this week – sitting in waiting rooms, dealing with her sister, blanking out while the doctor talks, etc.

Food of the Month: Crab Rangoon from Panda, which I had never been to until last week because I always thought it was a Panda Express. So different, so much yummier. They have a fish tank with little goldfish AND baby lobsters and it is mesmerising to watch while I am waiting for my food. And the food is always crab rangoon. I don’t look as gross as I’m probably making myself sound. It’s still better than last month’s food of the month which was, um, hot dogs. Don’t judge me.

I am shaking my head at this entry, but whatever. I will still post it.

QUESTION: What song would you like to play on the guitar? Or if you already play (or “wail”), what is your fav? And why?


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