The Ooky Guy Chronicles

This morning I got up at 5:00 to run. Towards the beginning of my run as I was waiting to cross the street, this van slowed down to let me cross.

And then the van sat there. I could see the guy looking at me and kind of waving for my attention, but I didn’t look back. And then he kept sitting there until I turned the corner onto a side street.

I looped all around the horseshoe-shaped neighborhood and started running back to where I came from, and I saw the van again, coming towards me. I’m pretty sure it was a paper guy; I am used to seeing them on the road at ungodly hours.

So just as I reach the van, he stopped. Again. And I could see him out of the corner of my eye, but I pretended I was really into my iPod.

And then he just sat there until I reached the end of the street. Again. I mean, maybe the guy needed directions? Or maybe he knew me? I was in a tie-dyed shirt, so maybe it was a hippy giving props? But what the hell?

Let’s be real, dude:
It is dark outside. I am a female jogger. You are in a windowless van. Idon’tseeyouIdon’tseeyouIdon’tseeyou.

So you guys if I disappear this weekend, I’m either in Africa with TSGoC or tied up in a big pile of newspapers. Look for me.

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One response to “The Ooky Guy Chronicles

  1. Gage D.

    Creepy. Next time holler at your boy. I love a torturous early morning run.

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