My Only Reason For Living

You guys you guys you guys.

They found Bigfoot??

I am unbelievably excited about this press conference tomorrow. I am trying to plan my lunch break around it. You don’t understand; Bigfoot is King of my world and this news is super awesome, real or not.

Oh! And someone found a chupacabra. Best news day evaaaaaaarrrrr!

But yeah, that press conference tomorrow is basically my only reason for living. I am so, so, so depressed and sad and lonely today you guys. Not just about boy stuff but lots of stuff. It sucks ass. And I am sick of bumming people out and making them feel awkward, so I’m trying to hibernate until I snap out of it. It’s not working.

Truly, today I pretty much want to die. But I need to be around at least until tomorrow to see Bigfoot. Bigfoot fixes everything. I love you, Bigfoot.

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One response to “My Only Reason For Living

  1. Dan

    I just stumbled across your blog the other day on accident. I have to tell you that it would be a very sad day on the internet if you weren’t blogging on it anymore. You made me see the world as all shiny and brand new and gave me quite a few laughs… Thanks πŸ™‚

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