BANG BANG I Am The Warrior


Today I am “shootin’ at the walls of heartache” – and for once, it has nothing to do with actual heartache or being sad about boys. I partied with Warren and Ryan over the weekend. They have been obsessed with “The Warrior” by Scandal for a while now and every time I hang out with them it’s stuck in my head for days. Have you guys ever heard this song? Look it up; it’s so sweet. YOU’RE WELCOME FOR ROCKING YOUR DAY.

So yeah, Saturday night was pretty amazing. The Takedown played at The Pageant, which for you out-of-town folks is one of the best venues in St. Louis. I’ve seen some of my favorite bands there and it was such a delight to see some of my oldest friends on that stage.

Tons of people from that family of friends were there, including Ty and Adam and their wives. All the friends and parents sat in the same section and we lost our voices from cheering. Tony, Ty and I kept punching each other on the arm and exclaiming, “Look at the stage! Look at who is on that stage!!!”

My sweet, adorable ex-neighbor Mike came to the show and we found out he proposed to his fun girlfriend. Congrats to Mike and Diana! Tony and I lamented that we are the last two standing. Then we renewed our marriage pact but extended it a few years. 30 is approaching way too fast.

The drummer had a big after party in Dogtown and I saw a lot of people from high school that I haven’t seen in almost a decade. Once of them pulled me aside and said, “You know, I still tell people that my first beer was a Natty Light at your house.” Haha.

We were there til about 3 in the morning, so there was really no point in me going to sleep. So yesterday was a sleepless zombie day and it actually worked out perfectly considering some of my all-time favorite movies were on TV: The Brady Bunch Movie AND the original Hairspray. NOTHING cures the blues for me faster than Edna Turnblad doing “The Bug”:

I am still a little puffy-eyed monster today, but whatever.


So I’ve been waiting to write about partying with The Squids, but I don’t think anyone has a picture of Courtney hula-hooping with all the kids. But Janternet did post this:

Look at what a rock star Courtney is! I love her. She brought a bunch of hula hoops to RØB’s barbeque and they were a huge hit. It is quite addictive; I even hula hooped during The Lord of The Yum Yum’s show. But the cutest part was when all of these tiny little kids from the neighborhood appeared out of nowhere and we hula hooped with them. Such a fun day – again RØB, you are fantastic.

EDITED TO ADD: Some pics I yoinked from Bill’s Flickr. Me and Russ, THE SQUIDBONG and one of the hoopin’ neighbors.

I have been wanting to post this video for a long time because this song is so great, but I had never met Bill so I thought it would be weird? Well, I met Bill at the barbeque and he was really awesome, so now I can post it. This is a good song all around but you STL city kids will especially love it:

Do you hear all of that laughter? I need to surround myself with more belly laughs like that. Man, The Squids are so great.

This week I am focusing on sleeping 8 hours every night. I am determined to do this. I think I’ll be able to write (other stuff) more once I’m well rested. I’m also considering a haircut. It’s definitely getting dyed darker. I have to wait a month for Thriller (but I am up for The Madison any time, TPC gals!). I’m half-ass considering quitting smoking this week but I don’t know if I’m there yet. Smiling is still a couple of weeks away but laughing is always an immediate option.


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