Achey Breaky August

NOTHING sums up the past month like the following 4 second conversation:

I have been in 3 of these recently (2 of which I will never divulge), and so have a few friends. It should be noted that the people on Han Solo’s side always skip the carbonite and get really, really super wasted instead.

Hopefully, someday I will get to a place where I say it or they say it and there is no hesitation to say it back and no one involved will have to make that awful heartbreaking noise that Chewy makes.

Basically, everybody can be a Leia, and we can all be Leias together and never have to worry about those Han Solos ever again.

(I’m not so much implying that we can all be lesbians, but more that all those guys can take their bros before hoes mentality and go f*ck themselves, seriously.)

AND IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT I AM NOT SAD AT ALL. Aside from my hangover, I am feeling incredible today for reasons all my own and I am rolling with it, big time.

UP NEXT: Superbabe September. S’gonna be sexy!


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6 responses to “Achey Breaky August

  1. RØB


    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk much, that always seems to sorta happen at Squid events for some reason or another.

  2. Gage D.

    Do you think Jaba froze leftovers in carbonite? You could keep leftover Thanksgiving turkey till the Clone Wars. Hmmmmmmm.

  3. Jaba? Leftovers?

    That would be handy for the rest of us though! I would absolutely fall for that infomercial.

  4. RØB

    HAH HAH yes, Jabba The Hutt with Leftovers. I’M SO SURE!


    hey there–been a while since i checked in. keep up with the superbabe!

    also, if we haven’t had one of the above moments so well encapsulated in that video, we’re terrified of being faced with one…so we then become…mute.

    stay with the happy…

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