Superbabe September

This summer has been pretty stressful. And man, you can tell by looking at me. Between all the worrying, crying, chainsmoking, stressing, hurting, drinking, etc., it has been the Summer of Fug, straight up.

Now that I have nothing to worry about and no boys to be sad about, it’s time to focus on myself. That’s why I’m declaring this month Superbabe September.

Every single day this month, I’m going to find some way to channel my energy. And more importantly, every day this month I’m going to do something to take care of myself. It could be anything, from major stuff like quitting smoking to tiny things like cucumbers on my eyes. My hair is longer now than it has been in years, so I’ve been able to do more fun stuff (including reviving the Baby Buns that make Pandy squee like a little girl). None of my clothes fit anymore, so I get to go shopping soon. I figure if I just actively seek out one tiny thing every day, I’ll feel it (and less importantly, look it) by the month’s end.*

A main point of Superbabe September is to not think or worry about boys at all… not in a chicks before d*cks kind of way, but more… me before he? I’m debating if I should date at all during Superbabe September. The thing is, when I am angry and heartbroken, it’s so easy for me to actively seek out distractions. But I’m not anymore, and now I have nothing to motivate me except self respect and curiosity, and it’s totally throwing me for a loop.

I want to amaze myself this time around. I want to find that confidence that I lost. I want to want to make out with the mirror. Starting with the inside and working out, I am going to be such a hot bitch come October, you’ll see.

*If I had come to this conclusion 6 months ago – and giiiiirl, do I wish I had – then this entry would have been called “Miss New Booty March”.

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