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Maybe Chivalry Was Just Hiding?

For the past three days – with the exception of my doors and Jen’s door – I have not had to open a single door for myself.* Men have been running to get the door for me everywhere I go and I have no idea what I’ve been doing lately to deserve such treatment. Is it the heels? Is it because I’m getting pale and therefore more delicate-looking? Who cares! I never expect stuff like that, so when it happens I think it is a such a marvelous hoot. Sometimes it’s so fun to be a lady!

Tonight is The Office premiere and my co-workers and I are SO PUMPED. This is how much – today when I walked into the Copy Cave, I found this stuff on my chair:

The Pam Beasley pen is cute but the Dwight Head stress ball is my fave. When you squish it, it smells like White Out. Happy Office Day!!

I went to my very first Squidball game on Tuesday. They are so cheery, fun and supportive of each other. It was a great thing to witness. I am considering playing Squidball next fall but at the very least I want to go to more games and cheer them on. Positive people are the best.

This week I have been a bad girl and have been eating Otis Spunkmeyer muffins for breakfast. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I like IMing Steve to brag when I am eating one. Back in London, Otis Spunkmeyer muffins were on our meal plan and my friends and I were 100% addicted. When 9/11 happened, all overseas shipping stopped for a few weeks and we were forced to eat the completely inferior “Bakin’ Brothers” brand of muffins. It was awful. And that is how 9/11 impacted my life. Squid stuff aside, could I sound like any more of an a-hole today?**

Unrelated to anything (as if any of the above was related at all): last night at Jen’s I watched part of The Wiz for the very first time. I saw Michael Jackson almost get eaten by trash cans, a bunch of red ladies dancing inappropriately, people getting sprinkled with PCP and then the lion tried to commit suicide by jumping off of the roof. Then Diana Ross sang a pretty song and it calmed down but SERIOUSLY WHAT ON EARTH.

*Okay, there were a few automatic doors at the hospital but a man probably built those; am I right or am I right?

** At least I am not sad about boys? Yay?

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