The Royal We

This past weekend was interesting in that I hung out with a lot of people that I have never spent time with one-on-one. I always find that really exciting. Last year I was fortunate to have this incredible wave of brand-new friendships. I met and/or grew close with so many people who make my life better and I enjoy trying to return the favor. I really want to jump back into that – if that’s something you can even decide. Yes please?

I finally met AWESOME EMILY and she is just as awesome and fun as expected. It is so easy to spill my guts to her. I terrified wowed her with my incredible sense of direction and downtown driving skills. Also geography in general. She told me a story about New Zealand and for some reason my brain went straight to the Norway/Finland area. I asked, “Do they speak a lot of English there?” Midwest smarts, represent.

Food of the Month: Fried Alligator. Yum. What a tummy boner! I had this for dinner on Sunday and I forgot how delicious it is. Fried Alligator is different than most foods of the month as I can’t eat it every other day, just crave it 24/7. I can only find it at Broadway Oyster Bar and it’s 10 bucks a pop, so it will have to be a rarity.*

Today I missed Pat and Dan terribly. It’s a dumb thing to share – especially since they don’t read this – but sometimes I can’t snap out of a funk unless I admit it first. So… hi? I think I am just going through dudefriend withdrawal in general. Most of my dudefriends are either exes or married now, and either way it’s not cool to call more than, oh, twice a year. I’d like to think I’m independent and all that jazz, but life just feels safer when dudes are around.

Tony told me I need a puppy. He’s so right on. Oh that reminds me, if any of you are in the market for a dog, my friend Heather is always trying to find homes for the CUTEST strays and constantly tugs at my heartstrings by emailing me puppy pictures. Send me your e-mail address and I’ll pass it along.

My dad came home from the hospital this weekend. Finally.

Unfortunately I have to miss Squidball tonight. Jen and I are going to see a sneak peak of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I should be sick of Michael Cera moping around in hoodies, but I have the feeling it will cheer me up pretty good.

I’m so glad I don’t know squat about economics, haha. I’ll leave that grown-up problem for the more grown-uppy grown-ups.

This entry is probably atrocious, but I can’t tell because I didn’t sleep at all last night (for fun reasns, not the usual reasons). I’m fasting from beer, smokes and all things bad (besides fried gator), so I am hoping after a week of chugging water I’ll relax a litttle bit. Baby steps, babies.

*Please DON’T TELL ME if there is a closer location for good fried alligator. We do not need a repeat of June’s disgusting Crab Rangoon bender.

DAMMITDAMMIT Edited to Add: We’ll pretend I didn’t just remember the Cajun place two blocks away from my apartment. Sigh.

Tomorrow’s entry: “That October When I Got Really Fat From Fried Alligator.”


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11 responses to “The Royal We

  1. RØB

    I’m going directly against your wishes (actually I don’t know if this is closer): There is a place that is actually called ROCKIN’ GATORS on Gravois at Mackenzie. It used to be called “The Back Door” because the main door seems a lot more like the back door of the place. It’s right by where I got my bowling ball drilled (Ray Orf’s!). They have gator burgers, gator pizza, and gator tots. AND brain sandwiches (cow brain, not gator brain). I had the brainwich and it was pretty good; I’ll have to go back for the gator sometime. They also do an awesome karaoke on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Call me if’n ye wanna go?


  2. I think I rolled through 20 emotions whilst reading that comment. Good god man.

  3. kevver

    crab rangoon represent

  4. Janet

    Man if you thought you saw Squid injuries last week, you missed out this week. Let’s just say it involved an ambulance and Karen popping her OWN KNEE BACK INTO PLACE.

  5. Charles

    Also, Boogaloo’s has (or had, I haven’t been there in a while) these awesome gator fritters that come with a jalapeno-ranch dipping sauce.

  6. secretlystephie

    Janet – HOLY CRAP. Kevvers – Call me! R & C – Don’t means don’t! C’mon!

  7. RØB

    C’MON! Let’s just go. I wanna eat some GATOR!

    Also technically I didn’t break the rule, as I don’t know if that’s closer to you, and I don’t know if the alligator there is better than what you’ve had, or even “good,” or if it’s “fried” for that matter!

    This place Joey B’s on the landing claims to have the best Crabgoons in STL but I am not so convinced. They’re good, though. Usually I just buy a box of the oven-heatup ones from the Asian Farmers Market in my neighborhood.

  8. Charles


  9. Gage D.

    I won’t remind you of the place only one block away from me, but it rhymes with Cram’s Crill. They’re kinda “eh” there anyway. Hit or miss.

  10. One block from you, two from me. I seriously almost called you today to see if you wanted to grab some gator. I’m so close to caving. I blame Rob and Charles. 🙂

  11. RØB

    SO CAVE ALREADY. I will cave with you.

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