Drama Club

Jen, Niki and I had nice flashbacks of the Cool vs. Not-So-Cool days when we dug out our North Middle School Yearbook last night. For the FIVE people mentioned below who are reading along, it’s my 6th grade yearbook, their 7th.

They were a year above me and we didn’t know each other back then, so we got a big kick out of looking each other up.Then this happened:

ME: Oh my god. I was in Drama Club.

(Jen and Niki laugh.)

NIKI: You’re just now remembering this?

ME: I had no idea. At least this picture isn’t as horrifying. Look. (Passes yearbook.) Do you see me?

JEN: Yeah, you’re right behind Sam Orme-Rogers. That’s crazy. (Passes it back.)

ME: Oh wow, Courtney Osterholt was in Drama Club too.

JEN: Yeah, I noticed that.

ME: I have no recollection of this.

NIKI: That’s funny. I can’t believe you guys were all in Drama Club together.

(Five minutes later, I pick up the yearbook again.)

ME: Hey Niki, this might sound like a dumb question, but is this you?

(I pass her the yearbook. Niki falls over laughing.)

JEN: What?

NIKI: I was… in Drama Club too?

JEN: Wow, Drama Club must have been the place to be.

TO HEATHER AND LIZ: You might be interested to know that you were ALSO in Drama Club, along with Kelly Fogarty.

TO GAGE: I didn’t spot you in Drama Club, but I showed Jen and Niki your picture and they cooed for a good 10 minutes. What an angel!


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  1. Courtney

    Wow, I have no recollection of being in drama club either, but the picture sounds familiar. Drama club: Not cool. But we must’ve skipped every meeting after that: Supercool. When we moved I found the “Wills” that everyone wrote and that had the “Most Likelys” in it, too. Apparently I was voted number two as most likely to host a psychic network show. I had no recollection of that, either. But it’s also hard to remember being even shorter than I am now.

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