I’m The Opposite of Moderate

Yesterday I ran alongside the train tracks for about an hour, getting sprinkled with autumn leaves and seeing my corner of the world from a whole new angle – all while intently exploring Cephalclog by Casey Reid. I’ve written about him before but it needs to be said – that album is nothing short of a treasure. Powerful, intense and straight from the heart.

If you have the blues – or are somehow sad for no reason about virtually everything lately like me – I suggest Cephalclog and a mini-adventure. It may not pull you out of the funk entirely, but it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits. BONUS TIP: Download “Live Your Life” by T.I. and Rihanna the same night and then totally forget about it, so it blares through your headphones unexpectedly and makes you so happy that you sprint an extra mile all, “AAAaaayy AAAaaay AAAayy”. YES.


I was going to tell you that Cephalclog is what I am going to listen to when I drive to Bigfootville. Since I won’t have any actual vacation time until next year (meaning 12 months, not January), I am going to drive to Eastern Oklahoma for the weekend to meet people who have seen Bigfoot and shop at lots of Bigfoot gift shops. I am probably going to do this by myself. I can’t wait. HOWEVER: I wanted to find a good picture of something Bigfootville-related to show you and I discovered two things.

1. I JUST MISSED THE HONOBIA BIGFOOT FESTIVAL. This is such a travesty, although there is no way I could’ve camped two weekends in a row. Maybe next year?

2. DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT MISSOURI HAS ITS OWN BIGFOOT NAMED MOMO??? I DIDN’T! How did I not know that? What is wrong with my parents? I feel so cheated!

There used to be this ride at Six Flags called Momo the Monster. It was shaped like a big octopus. I almost barfed on it when I was little. My brother told me to just stare at my feet and that worked. Thanks Patrick. So anyways… I have always connected the name Momo with a giant octopus. Never a bigfoot-ish creature with a pumpkin-shaped head. BUT I DO NOW. Consider me obsessed.


Hopefully with enough mini-adventures, I’ll find a way out of this bummer and pick up some smiles on the way. If I could be anywhere in the world right now, it would be here:

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