Metrolink Prom

Man, this is KILLING ME:

Again, I love my city so much. There is always something totally weird and hilarious going on if you look hard enough.

Notice the sun setting over the ocean in the background. And palm trees. I have such a crush on this.

I am debating going. It’s either Metrolink Prom or a big party with my friends; I’m sleuthing to see how many BWMMS (boys who make me sad) will be at the party. My TPC Gals are going to be out of town, so I wouldn’t have an awesome posse for the Prom. RØB will be busy with his hot date, winkwink.

Either way, I had to share this flyer with you because it has brought me so much joy by just existing.



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7 responses to “Metrolink Prom

  1. I think my date is gonna be busy making this whole event happen for a lot of the time? I will totally save many dances for you. GET THERE! Or, I could try to find you a date? IF YOU DARE?

    Also part of this will be: a parade through Laclede’s Landing, and apparently all the music is to be provided by an a cappella quartet. The other gal organizing it (not-my-date) is known as “Miss Metrolink” and apparently rides the trains around dressed in an opulent evening gown with a Metrolink-logo hat and a sceptre, Y-shaped and bejewelled in a representation of the Metrolink line map. If that can’t sell you on going for sure, I don’t reckon much of anything can.

  2. Dude I got asked to Metrolink Promo by a guy at ArtMart

  3. RØB

    Hah hah…YES, AND…!?!?!?!?!

  4. I’m almost positive that he is closer in age to his HS prom than to me. I don’t want to tell him how old I am and give him a heart attack.

    It could be fun to be a couger, though. I think it depends on how pretty I feel tomorrow.

  5. RØB

    Dude I bought you a corsage already, you’d better come. I’m not wearing this thing.

  6. Kevin, I thought that was some sort of Korean word that started with an “i” until just now. Almost a full 12 hours of confusion. But I get it now. And I am laughing

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