Thrill The World 2008

I thought I would be too sick for Thrill The World this year but I managed to miraculously heal for an hour or two. I did my makeup in the car on the way there. I don’t have a lot of pictures like last year, but Joe made this totally fun video:

I’m not sure if we made it into the Guinness Book of World Records or not, so I’ll just say that we did. (Okay, I just checked and we set a new Record Holders Republic record with 4,179 dancers in 10 countries.) Lots of people from last year were there, as well as new people like Jackie, Jen’s dad and Ron’s mom! Good stuff.

Once again, Katie and Joe were so awesome at putting this whole thing together. I’m sure Røb would like me to add that he pushed “play” on the iPod. I am in the back right corner, and you can see me high-fiving people at the end, exactly like last year. Get ready to be thrilled:

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