In 20 Minutes!

Alright, here’s a few pictures and stories from Halloween.

I was a contestant on The Price Is Right!

I really wanted someone else to do it with me so their board could say “800” and mine could say “801”. Surprise; I was on my own. I cut out pieces to make “666” but chickened out at the last second.

Later I got my friend Linda to draw a heart that said “Bob”.


The first night I went to Nick and Jessica’s to pass out candy and avoid boys who make me sad. Eventually more people showed up and by the end of the night, it was a party. Erin made me laugh nonstop; kudos to Erin. But my favorite part was the kids. My god. So cute.

This tiny 7 year-old boy was wearing a superhero costume with fake muscles and a mask. He took candy, started to walk away, and then turned back and yelled, “Hey guys!”

We opened the door, expecting to hear a joke.

The kid looked over his shoulder. Then in a low voice with complete seriousness, he explained, “I’m actually really a kid.” He lifted his mask and whispered, “This is just a costume.”

We gave him extra candy for being amazing.


The second night Amanda had a great party where she projected movies on this big screen in her backyard. My friends went all out with their costumes. Niki actually MADE her Snow White costume. Way to go, Niki!

Ron decided to be The Stranger from High Plains Drifter even though he had never seen the movie. Nick had a copy and Ron asked to read the plot synopsis. Here’s how it started:

The odd lakefront settlement of Lago is unsettled one day as The Stranger emerges from the hazy heat and rides into town. After committing three murders and a rape in 20 minutes…

“So I’m dressed as a rapist?”

“I guess so. Hahaha; that’s hilarious.”

“That’s terrible.”

“Yeah but…. in 20 minutes! Impressive.”


Here are my friends – adorable couples doing adorable couple things and posing adorably while I’m out wandering in the backyard:

I’m not hating at all, though. I really do think this picture is the most precious thing ever and I want to put it on my refrigerator.

But wait! You guys! I can pose adorably, too! Really!

See? I just have to crop my butt out later! But it’s adorable!

The most adorable award of the night goes to Amanda’s dog Bean. She found this dog dodging traffic in front of her work, took him home and now he is the sweetest thing ever. Except for that night. That night he was pure evil… as Osama Bean Laden:

I don’t think this picture fully communicates the teeny-tinyness of Bean and his turban, because Amanda is also tiny. She wore a box painted with ships and was a “Spanish Armanda”. Puns galore. And tiny turbans. Adorable.

Oh, but I can’t forget my girl Peaches:

AAAAAND I think that’s all the pictures I stole from Niki. We won trivia last night. It’s noon and I just woke up. The end.

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