And There You Have It

It’s finally happened…

My life has finally gotten to the point where you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

You just wouldn’t.

I mean, my god. I think Jen put it best when she said (for completely unrelated reasons): “There’s always 2009.”


If you can’t say anything nice, link to other sites that will. Is that how it goes? It is today.

These sites make me happy and I hope they make you happy, too:

WANDERFUL: Frank’s friend Katie and her boyfriend Mark are on this magical sponsored road trip across the country. I love their stories, I love their photography and most of all I love their little dog, Mister. I will add a special link to their entry just for Janet. Seriously, I’m living vicariously through these two at the moment. It’s the funnest.

UPSIDEDOWN DOGS: Don’t overthink it. Just put your mouse over it and click. You can thank me later.

BRUCE TRIED SUICIDE: The other day, J reminded me of my favorite Kids in the Hall sketch. I imagine if I ever tried to kill myself, the results would be just as awkward. And probably as funny to other people. Whatever. I love it.

IDAHO SALLY: A sad (re: awesome) twitter account featuring homemaker Sally and her baby, Remmington.

THE WORST DATE OF ALL TIME PART ONE and PART TWO: A few years ago, someone asked me out to dinner and stood me up to take his ex-girlfriend fishing.* I thought that was bad, but Patrick Walsh has me beat. Especially part two. Holy crap.

: Seriously mesmerizing artwork based on cult movies like Heathers, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and The Shining. Worth the credit card debt if that’s how you got it.

THIS SITE: Because it reminds me that people, at least collectively, can be totally hilarious when we put our minds to it.

EDITED TO ADD: Omfggggggg there’s a brand new Two Rude Dudes! And it’s amazing.

So there you have it: fun sites to visit. Just promise you’ll come back?

*I kind of thought it was hilarious, especially his explanation: “Well, you weren’t supposed to find out.” Solid gold! He’s friends with the boy who just dumped me and the boy who almost killed me on the highway, which makes me think they’ve all been planning this from the beginning.

(They have nothing to do with the stuff you wouldn’t believe, as far as I know. AS FAR AS I KNOW.)



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5 responses to “And There You Have It

  1. Janet

    These sites are awesome! yay! thanks for the portland link on wanderful 🙂

  2. The Rocket Queen

    I frequently fall victim to schaedenfreude, which, in case not everyone gets vocab boners like me, is the German word for enjoying someone else’s misfortune. It’s not that I WANT you to have a terrible life, but the way you communicate it is so entertaining that I can’t help but be anxious to find out about what’s so terrible someday.

  3. YO THANK YOU for linking us, and first on the list! I’m always surprised when people say they’re living vicariously though our blog, but then again that was one of the points of the blog. Also to inspire people to do their own road trips, and you should.

    Do you live in St. Louis? I know Frank and Darren had a pal out there and they went to her wedding and everything and I always assumed it was you. Not that we’re going there or could visit you, maybe next road trip. Hell, you didn’t even invite us so nevermind about all that. Mostly I am commenting to tell you that the link to Mister’s page should be: because once I updated the Daily Mister the page you linked changes. You’ll see what I mean.

    Okay keep reading, I’ll keep checking in on you too.

    Shit, I should even link you. -Katie

  4. Hooray!

    They have a few STL pals but Jen and I are their favorites. Jen had the wedding, but Frank, Darren and Steve stayed at my house that weekend (BEST FRIEND OF THE BRIDE DUTY EVER). We met them in London and now we’re besties for life.

    I was in Jersey last year! You missed me!

    I am psyched to have a perma link for Mister’s Halloween costume; thank you! But honestly every picture of Mister is amazing so… NEW MISTER EVERY DAY, GUYS!

    I’m glad you guys got off the mountain, but still jealous that you heard stories about Moonies. I’ll totally keep reading! Like I said, it’s the funnest!

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