The Chronicles of Cuteness

The other night the Jersey Boys sent me a picture so adorable, words could not express how much I loved it. So I had to show them, Music Mike Style:

That’s how I’ve been feeling about everything lately. It’s all too cute to handle. Cute friends with top-secret missions to cheer me up, cute boys who make me laugh, cute letters arriving in the mail, cute arts and crafts, and of course that cute French kid who still cutes my socks off.

Janternet had a Radical Game Night Birthday Party tonight (yesterday?) that was so cute, it deserves its own entry. Hell, that party deserves its own trilogy. Amazing.

And the cutest thing of all? The cutest thing to cute around Cutetown? The return of Charlie the Chihuahua. He has been here all weekend. Every ten seconds or so, he does something to make me squee.

Charlie is part poodle and somehow this means he can grow a beard?

A full-grown teeny-tiny itty-bitty cute beard. That’s what it is. He is so fat and wiggly! I am dying.


I haven’t been able to sleep – worse than usual, that is – for the past month. So tonight (today?) I am resetting my circadium rhythm. I stayed up all night and plan to crash in the early evening.

When I actually PLAN to stay up all night and no one is staying up with me, I’m insanely productive and manage to have a blast while I’m at it. It’s 4am and my apartment is sparkling. In an hour or two, I’m going to make a legendary/fatty/glorious breakfast and geek out with Twilight: Book 3 while the sun comes up. (TEAM JACOB, btw.)

I’m only sharing this to explain the first half of this entry; I am not stll drunk from the party. (Charles’ awesome breathalizer gave everyone the OK to drive home.) Just slap-happy and normal happy and completely caught up with life for once.

I was going to whine to you guys about something, but it has completely escaped me. Isn’t that the best??

P.S. I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to put “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe on my iPod. Get with the program, Stephanie.

P.P.S. Never trust a big butt and a smile…

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  1. janternet

    I am SO happy you came. I love my HM card. Some of my friends you don’t know said you are really adorable. I can’t wait til Josh posts those photos, I will send out a link the second they are up.

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