Lookey Loos, Meet Lykke Li

I’ve written about Lykke Li before, but I really adore her. It’s so rare that a pop-ish artist can sound better singing live on the street, but she makes her songs twice as fun as they are on her album.

Her back-story cracks me up: she was raised by wild hippy parents who would drag her along to crazy parties in Portugal, so she rebelled by listening to Top 40 pop and pretending to be Madonna.

I don’t know if it’s the toy instruments, the shoulder dancing (even in a cab!), or that guy who looks like Karl, but I think these versions are so creative and inspiring. This is the stuff I listen to when I have writer’s block.

This one especially, if only for what she does at 1:45 (and being the only chick alive who can rock high waisted jeans):



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