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Sickest Party Ever

This title could be argued. I mean, literally or figuratively? Literally I am having the sickest party ever right now, mostly in my nose but in the general respiratory hood. Everyone is invited: kleenex, Nyquil, Zycam, water, soup, cough drops, reality TV, oranges, whiskey, etc. I tried to play with Charlie the Chihuahua earlier and collapsed from exhaustion like Tiny Tim.

Figuratively, the Sickest Party Ever award goes to Janternet for her recent Radical Game Night Birthday Party. I mean, damnit, Janet. That was crazy. Some people are just born to be a hostess with the mostest and Janet is one of them.

It had all the games that are awesome: Apples to Apples, Scrabble, Connect 4, some Wii action, etc. We had to guess how many jellybeans are in a jar (I was off by about 800). There were all these adorable touches like a full food spread with labels, homemade cider, and nametags (which played a pivotal role when Courtney later christiened all of us with “hobo names”; hilarious).

But the best part about the Radical Game Night Birthday Party was the Radical Photobooth:

The Radical Photobooth became especially awesome when we combined it with the Slang Flash Cards:

All pictures are courtesy of Continuum Photography. I have seen The Amazing Josh’s stuff before on Janternet’s sites and I’ve always been blown away. If you are in the Midwest (KEVIN), you should hire them for all your (ENGAGEMENT) photography needs (KEVIN).

Janternet, that was the absolute funnest. It is breaking my heart that I am too sick for Twin Peaks Club tonight.

I haven’t coughed in about a half hour, so I should go do that until I black out again. Laters.


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