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Shortcake Roll Call 3

I do this once a year and the results are always hard to predict, but it’s time for the annual SHORTCAKE ROLL CALL.

Are you reading this right now? Yes, you are. So should you leave me a comment today? Yes, you should. Are we all incredibly foxy and gorgeous and so cool that people are jealous? Yes, of course. So let’s celebrate. In the comment section. Yes.

Much like the previous roll calls, you don’t have to leave your real name if that makes you feel weird. (I secretly read blogs too! It’s totally fun!) Make up a name! Or leave a clue about who you are! I just want to love you back!

Also I think this Roll Call would be kickass if you told me a FUN FACT about yourself.

Okay, ready?


“Anyone? Something d-o-o economics.”


This week has been a little frustrating because while I have the time and energy to write, I don’t have much to write about. I’m happy for one thing. That’s always a little boring. I have maybe 3 entries that I’m messing around with, but they all require a camera, scanner, conclusion or something cohesive to tie it together.

Next weekend is going to be so exhausting and overwhelming – full of booze, sweets, karaoke, alleged making out, shennanigans, debauchery, the whole shebang – that I am probably going to hibernate this weekend to save my energy, money and calorie intake. Also I learned how to make Christmas bows out of magazines? So I’m doing that. It may be another week before you hear from me. Depends when the mood strikes.

HOWEVER if I get comments from 30+ people, I’ll write an entry immediately. Deal?

This can never be said enough; I love you guys. And I have only said this once, but the movie Big Bird in China changed my life. I watched this 100 times when I was little, with wide eyes, my mouth agape and my hands clamped on my cheeks all, “Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS.”

So I’ll let Big Bird and a cute Chinese kid (and the ugly kid who’s actually singing off-camera) explain how I feel about you:

(I’m not sure which was more annoying to my parents – the week I sang this song nonstop or the following week when I tried to be a Chinese Acrobat. Either way, I almost got sent back to the orphanage because of this movie. WORTH IT.)


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