Frank Has A Podcast

I have a lot of funny friends in a lot of fun circles. Comedians, writers, total trainwrecks, Jen – life is such a blast (and supposedly lasts longer) when you’re surrounded by people who constantly crack you up.

HOWEVER, I laugh the most when I am around the Jersey Boys. I miss having them around every day (or even once a year) because they are just naturally hilarious. Maybe that is why I still blog about them seven years after they lived down the hall from me?

So I was totally pumped when Frank announced that he has a podcast with his best friend Erik. It reminds me of sitting in the cafeteria in London, just laughing my ass off at everything he said. All I need now is Darren in front of me with a plate full of baked beans.*

I don’t really know how to promote this without slipping into cheesy-copywriter mode? “Discover the beauty of Frank (and Erik).” So I should just link to it. It made me laugh a lot today and it will make you laugh, too:

Frank & Erik Internet Famous


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