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I Got Gloss On My Lips, A Man On My Hips

I think it’s bizarre that every year, there’s an official day for the following activities:

– Blowing things up
– Gorging yourself on a 2,500 calorie meal
– Encouraging childhood obesity
– Getting drunk and calling your ex
– Spiraling into obscene credit card debt
Watching Coming to America

And then tonight,

– Staying up all night to party and shoot guns in the air

America is nuts.


My New Years was pretty sweet – Katie and Joe are far enough along in their building renovation to have people over, so they had a cool party full of all the cool people (somehow I managed to sneak in). Their place looks amazing, but it’s Katie and Joe so was there any doubt? Truly, they are the DIY King and Queen.

All the usual ingredients from our parties were there: lots of booze, fireworks from Ron and Nick, salsa from Katie, some sort of awesome arts and crafts, a cross-eyed drunk, great music, great girlie gossip over cigarettes, and so on and so on.

They have this giant projector on the wall, so movies, Wii games and the ball drop were surreal and amazing. My dream is to someday do the “Single Ladies” dance in front of that screen.

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