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Wild Card Inside

I put myself out there, willingly showing you that I was being rejected, that I wanted something I could not get, and that I was going out of my way not necessarily to get it, but to overcome my fixation. I was smiling at my silliness, at the human foible of wanting what we can’t have and foolishly throwing myself into dangerous or cold waters when I can stay high and dry elsewhere. I was celebrating my strength of not letting unrequited love stop me from the opportunity to share what I could experience up close.

– Pavla Fleischer

There is no reason to mourn nothingness, even though it may feel like a loss. And although the inevitable replacement for love is anger or resentment or bitterness, those are all things you don’t need in your heart. Why carry something so heavy when you’re about to embark on a journey?

It’s beautiful when you realize that what you’re left with is not so much an emptiness,
but rather a welcome space tingling with anticipation and wonder.

(I promise I’m not high.)

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