Random Pictures

From the latest Thrill the World:

According to Katie’s hand and foot in the lower left corner, I am perfectly in sync. Probably a fluke. Photo by RØB.

I was so excited to show off my new Nikon that I took a picture of it with my phone.

Also I get really excited when I’m holding something that matches my outfit?

These are the neighborhood kids who hooped with us at the Pancake Productions BBQ:

Hoops (and the picture) courtesy of the fabulous Courtney.

Alley Cats:

I like how B and I are perfectly framed in the chain link. Photo by RØB.

On the side of 7-11, there is a parking space that used to be 15 minute parking only. It has since been converted into a handicapped space, but they left up the old sign.

So you can’t walk, BUT YOU’D BETTER RUN.

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