The (Birthday) Room

“It’s like the new Rocky Horror. Now at one point, people throw plastic spoons at the screen…you have to check it out. It’ll…it’ll change your life.”

– Piz explaining The Room to Wallace, Veronica Mars

Step One: Watch this trailer:

Step Two: Read this article. (Quotes from David Cross, David Wain and basically everyone who is awesome.)

Step Three: Answer this question – worst movie ever or…


I have this little notebook where I write down virtually everything, including recommendations. And when Piz mentioned “The Room” on Veronica Mars, I remember writing it down. After reading that article and some obsessive YouTubing, I am completely geeking out.

Seats are already filled up for the birthday screening (my apartment can only hold one circle of friends at a time), but if everyone has fun then I might try to make this a regular thing. There may even be theme cupcakes like my last movie night.

Bonus scene because I love you:

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