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Days That I Miss – Volume 1

1. When I lived in my parent’s basement, my neighbor/little brother Tanner used to stop by almost every night with his giant dog Jiboo. We would sit on the back porch and discuss our day over cigarettes. Sometimes our neighbor Rachel and one of her dogs would join us as well. I miss this little family unit that we made. I miss that porch. I miss all of the unexpected visitors. NOTE: that Doberman puppy grew up to be larger than Jiboo, who is a Great Dane/Black Lab.

2. When Jen and Ron got married, all the Jersey boys stayed at my house. This was only the second time we saw each other after London. I thought it was so rad and weird that they were all hanging out in my room. I miss these dudes and wow, do I miss that room. That place was my heaven. NOTE: my mom made me sleep upstairs all weekend. Sure, my boyfriend was in the room, but so were four other dudes? What kind of trouble could I honestly get into?

3. When Brian broke my little heart, I basically cried and cried and cried for weeks. Kevin is one of the only reasons I survived. He would magically appear on my back porch unexpectedly (again, I miss that porch!) whenever I needed a friend. Sometimes he would surprise me with my favorite Happy Meal, which was nice because it was the kind of break up where you forget to eat. He was so patient with me while I blubbered like an idiot. I made him these Thank You cupcakes during a brief window of happiness. I don’t miss being heartbroken, but I vividly remember being overwhelmed almost daily by the kindness of my friends, and that was wonderful.

4. I don’t know which would take longer to explain: the amount of time we spent sitting on Warren’s back porch or the amount of time I spent with Pammy and Ra in general. Can you tell that my friends and I were Porch People? Pammy, Ra and I did everything together. I miss having a guaranteed posse everywhere I went. I don’t remember which one of them gave me that fortune, but I stuck in on that picture right before I left for London. Remember that summer when everyone ate carbs because they were low fat? Pammy, Ra and I would go to Steak & Rice to chain smoke and eat like a pint of rice each. We would sit there forever. It was like the Chinese Denny’s. I miss Warren’s porch and I miss Pammy and Ra something awful.

5. I was just talking to a friend about how we both miss being BFFs with Nick. He’s engaged so I can’t really hang with him one-on-one anymore. But there was a time when we hung out almost daily and it was lovely. He was another friend who helped me out after that break-up. It’s weird but when I look back at that time, I don’t remember being sad at all even though I was. I just remember discovering all of these cool new people and having a ball. This picture was taken the day B.B. King played on the riverfront. We were sitting directly underneath the Arch.

6. I miss Ty’s front porch almost as much as my back porch. This was the last night we hung out there beofre his parents sold the place. Ty’s mom let the boys put their band equipment in the living room and they jammed. It was hilarious and weird. Right before I took this picture, Adam dove in between them. I miss giggly drunk Adam. (Also, don’t tell their wives I said this but I think this is a hunky picture of everybody.)

7. Oh, Miss Tallulah. Tallulah lived in Connecticut. We were in the park when I took this picture. The boys were off longboarding and Tallulah snuggled with me while I read Harry Potter 5. After I finished, I made her a necklace out of clovers. It was a pretty day. I miss visiting Connecticut, I miss that dog and I REALLY miss diving into a brand new Harry Potter.

8. This is from that night at Mangia, right before everyone moved to the West Coast. Webster University was full of these creative, intelligent, amazing people; it’s the reason I chose to go there. Coire, Lizz and Kyle were three of my faves. I made a ton of friends senior year and I mostly owe it to Kyle. Holy crap, I miss hanging out with Kyle. NOTE: this picture includes two Founding Fathers of the Twin Peaks Club.

9. Hanging out with the Frat Boys is a little lonely now that Ra lives far away. And hanging out with the Frat Boys is rare nowadays, too. This circle of friends always went crazy on the 4th of July. That year it was like 100 degrees. We spent the entire day drinking and eating while standing in a kiddie pool, and then we all piled in the back of a covered pick-up truck to go to the park for fireworks. When I think of these days, the only word that comes to mind is “rowdy.” I’m too old to be rowdy. I miss being rowdy and I miss Ra.

10. Oh, these dudes. Probably my two favorite co-workers in the history of employment. I used to blog about them all of the time when I first started this thing. The thrift store we worked at received so many donations one year that we filled up a second location and a gigantic warehouse and STILL needed to put the off-season clothes in PODS. Lots of PODS. There were so many racks of clothes that we couldn’t get them out of the back door; we had to go out the front and drag them around the building. And if we wanted any sort of walking room, we had to do this daily, even in the rain. There were always 600 ponchos to choose from so we always chose the most obnoxious ones. It was so chaotic but I liked moving around all day. My boss put me in charge of organizing most of the clothes. I loved the responsibility and the OCD side of me was delirious with joy. I LOOOOVED goofing off with Morgan and Andy. MISS IT!


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