In Celebration of Myself

The past few days have been gorgeous and I’ve been running again, in addition to some crazy boot camp workouts. So I’m still sleepy, but in the worn out/hurty muscles way. So I’ll try to write this. I’ve been lazy. I know.

So my birthday was really, really fun. I’ve been dreading it this year even more than I usually do, but I ended up having too much fun to be bummed out. Except aging, of course. I’m still pretty bummed out about aging.

So on Thursday morning, I opened my door to leave for work and found a box on my doorstep. My favorite color is cobalt blue, so this immediately made me smile:

A while back, I had jokingly asked Rob Ruz to get me a bulldog with a bobby cap while he was on tour in Europe. Apparently finding one (which I only joked about because I saw them everywhere) is hard these days, and he made some epic journey all over Camden for it. Thanks Rob. (Does this mean I have to put out?) He ended up getting me two bulldogs and thank god, because while the second one is adorable, the first is… um:

On Saturday night, I had a bunch of my friends over to watch “The Room” as promised. I’m pretty sure everyone had fun; all I really remember is a bunch of laughing and horrified screaming and then more laughing.

“The Room” was even more terrible/glorious than I had anticipated. I will definitely be having people over again and again until you’ve all seen it. There’s really no way to put it into words. Jen’s face sums it up pretty well, though:

I think that if I had thrown myself parties in years past, I would not have hated my birthday. Girl, people bring you presents! Remember that shit? I had forgotten and was surprised every time it happened. Check it out:

Those are from Jen/Ron, Janet and Courtney. The last two gifts were from Mexico. The first gift included two cans of CHEESEBALLS which were inhaled almost immediately. Janet also got me a hysterical Mr. Winkle birthday card and Niki got me a cute monkey card. Even my family got in on the fun; my mom made banana nut bread and my grandma gave me balloons for my party. Hahaha. I made theme cupcakes for everyone but forgot to take a picture; therefore they do not exist.

HOWEVER, while all of the presents are fun and loved, I have to say that Jason wins. He got me a owl-shaped teapot from Anthopologie. I wanted to name him something British and owlish so I went with “Lord Hoots”. I love Lord Hoots so much that I even bought him a girlfriend (Miss Featherbottom) off of eBay:

I’ve been having tea parties nonstop with these two over the weekend and it’s been lovely. However, they both get really, really hot. It’s especially hard to hold the teacup. So I’m going to make her a sweater!! Hee!

The Superbowl was another day I was expecting to be bummed out (for reasons that are too dumb to explain but should be obvious to any of my friends). But I ended up having an absolute ball with Dan, Jason and Charlie. Check out this hotness:

Raging insomnia aside, last week was pretty fun, too. My birthday continued well up until this past Friday, when I came home from work and found three more presents on my doorstep:

* “The Reminder” by Feist from Carrie
* 30 Rock Season 2 from Patrick
* Brady Bunch Calendar from Ra

Next year is my Champagne Birthday and it’s on a Saturday, so I think I might have people over to try caviar for the first time and get totally grossed out. I’ve decided that all of my birthdays in the future will involve some kind of hilarious horrified screaming laughter. But next year it will be fancy.

Rather than dreading Valentine’s Day, I’m on a mission to have a blast doing something totally weird. So if you have any ideas, give me a holler.

And really quick, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate Courtney. She made this incredible quilt for my work and it’s beyond amazing. Even my dude friends were blown away. It’s hanging in my cube for safekeeping and honestly, it’s so inspiring and I feel so much more creative now that it’s around. I’m really proud of her. Check it out:

I plan on writing more this week. I did one of those “25 Things” on Facebook, but it’s all stuff that you guys have read before so I’m trying to write one just for you. And OMG OMG THERE’S ABOUT TO BE A BOY IN MY APARTMENT RIGHT NOW SO I HAFTA GO BYE.


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