25 (More) Things

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote one of those 25 Facts things for Facebook. My list got bumped off my wall almost immediately from all of the birthday wishes. (Not complaining! Loved it!) A lot of people have been re-posting these lists on their blogs.

However, I’ve been tagged on Myspace about 10 times, so I pulled most of those 25 things from previous lists. It got me thinking: “Wow, I don’t have time to write anything this week.” And, “can I come up with 25 more?”

So here you go, because I’m totally lazy Twitter is stealing all my funny I love you:

1. I dance every single day. I dance in front of people maybe twice a year (and one of those times is all Thriller, baby).

2. I have a genuine Voltron that splits into the lions. This is how I impress boys.

3. I still have all the notes that my friends passed to me in high school. They are hilarious.

4. “I-Statements” go a long way in my world. Use them. If you straight up tell me what to do, I will probably do the opposite unless you are my boss.

5. Whenever I am standing, like in line or at a concert, I tend to stand on one foot like a flamingo. I KILL at Wii Fit balance games.

6. I used to be empathetic to a fault and have made an actual effort to be more callous and judgmental.

7. I sit Indian-style at my desk, usually barefoot. It’s hard for me to be creative when I’m sitting like a square.

8. I used to lip-sync to Mariah Carey’s MTV Unplugged. Like, regularly.

9. Sometimes I call my pathological liar friend because I know he’ll tell me exactly what I want to hear.

10. I spent a decade being totally fat and while it sucked at the time, I’m glad it happened. Living in both bodies has made me a smarter and cooler person. The fact that people are nicer to me when I’m skinny makes me want to eat junk food.

11. On a similar note, I still get weirded out if I’m treated like a “pretty girl”. I usually say something silly or unladylike immediately to diffuse the tension and, consequentially, kill the mood. I don’t think I should get used to that treatment because prettiness kills brain cells and eventually fades. However, I WILL panic when people stop calling me adorable.

12. I don’t drink soda. I didn’t consciously quit; I just decided that I prefer pink lemonade. Every now and then when I’m feeling crazy, I’ll pour an inch of my roommate’s Dr. Pepper and sip it like scotch.

13. Regarding your boyfriends: I think you deserve much better but I’m always rooting for them to prove me wrong.

14. There is a tiny part of me that still believes stuffed animals have feelings.

15. I have only cheated on one person. I was on another continent and we ended up going out for years, so it probably falls more in the “met someone else” category. The guy I cheated on is now happilly married so I no longer feel guilty about this. Whew!

16. I have an old friend who is a phone sex operator (or, “Telesex Artist”) in another country. Whenever I am really scared or upset, one of the first things I do is IM her and ask her to pray for me.

17. I onced secretly touched a stalagmite in Meremec Caverns because I was told that would stunt its growth for hundreds of years. I FELT POWERFUL.

18. I’m pretty sure I can recite Empire Records in its entirety from memory.

19. I was bullied a lot as a kid and for years I wouldn’t talk to new people because I was afraid. These days, I am shocked if someone doesn’t like me. SHOCKED. I basically bully those people into being my friend. I love the fact that rejection has become this completely foreign concept to me.

20. The thought of a sad old person can make me cry for hours. Same with dogs; I refuse to watch any movie where a dog is sad.

21. I’ve picked up one habit/preference in each relationship that I still maintain to this day. Tim = Beatles. Chris = “Yay!” Brian = namedropping. Pat = tea. Etc.

22. Speaking of namedropping, I have been following Ashton and Demi on Twitter, and WOW, they are totally annoying?

23. I convince myself that I am dying of something every 6 months. It is especially bad when my dad is sick. I’ve considered finding my biological parents just to determine what is lurking in my DNA.

24. I get totally psyched when people flash their brights to warn me about a speed trap. I pretend that we are in a secret society.

25. I’m in awe of every single one of my friends and I brag about them like they are my grandchildren.



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3 responses to “25 (More) Things

  1. The Rocket Queen

    “Who glued these quarters down?”

    “I did.”

    “What the hell FOR, man?”

    “I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.”


    “Who knows where thoughts come from, Joe; they just appear.”

  3. Allison

    People warn you about speed traps? That never ever happens in LA. We are all selfish bastards and if we are going down, we’re TAKING YOU DOWN WITH US.

    That being said, I can see why that makes you feel secret society-ish. if someone lets me in on the freeway, I feel constant solidarity with my fellow man for the next 24 hours.

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