“Be The Divine Hammer!”

The other day, I mentioned that I wanted to do something weird and fun on Valentine’s Day. Shortcake All-Star Røb wrote to me, told me that The Breeders were filming a music video in St. Louis and asked me if I wanted to be an extra. Um, yes please?

So on Valentine’s Day, I went with Røb and a few of his friends to The Skatium in South St. Lous (waaay South) to watch Kelley Deal and Mando Lopez from The Breeders hang out with the gals in the Arch Rival Roller Girls.

We got there about an hour early, so the boys bought superballs out of the vending machine and launched them across the rink for a while. Ron stole some Whiteys from the craft service table. A bunch of other people I adore showed up, like Jaffa, Sarah P. and Jaime. There were a lot of people from Pour Chaque «Non» .

Some of Sarah’s awesome pictures are up on the RFT blog. (The picture above is also hers.) I have a few pictures on Facebook (and maybe someday on Flickr) but hers are highly superior.

The video seems like it will be fun. We got to watch various members of the AARG lip-sync the song, do fun roller tricks, destroy some things with their skakes and even fake crazy wipe-outs right in front of us.

They filmed a bunch of reaction shots with the extras. The spot where we were sitting happened to be in the background of a lot of the action, so we had to silently cheer and lose our shit while the track played over the speakers. Oh yeah, we heard “Fate to Fatal” about 6,000 times over the course of 8 hours. I still don’t know most of the words.

I shot a couple of videos. Here’s Kelley Deal passing out tambourines:

And here’s Magnum P.I.M.P.jumping over 6 or 7 brave teammates:

All in all, it was super fun stuff and I’m so glad Røb invited me! Thanks dude!

After I got home, I hung out with Rob Ruz. I showed him “The Room” and obviously changed his life forever. He brought me a chocolate from Belgium. That’s right, A belgian chocolate. As in one. It was totally romantic and shit.

All in all, it was a great Valentine’s Day. Not as spooky/romantic/mortifying as last year (which I will be able to tell you about SOMEDAY and you will slap your forehead), but equally as exciting and full of lots of new people who rock. Loved it.

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