“There’s Always A Theme!”

“So what’s the theme?”

“Birthday.” “Frosting.”

– Kelly, Jim and Dwight discussing a blank birthday cake, The Office

If you’re a fan of The Office, you know that last week Dwight and Jim threw Kelly Kapoor the lamest birthday party ever. Well, my coworkers Joy and Christina are HUUUGE Office fanatics, and Tuesday happened to be Christina’s birthday.

Joy had an awesome idea to recreate Kelly’s birthday party for Christina, with everything from the half-inflated balloons and Dwight’s signs to their last minute “theme” – the choice between an hour of TV or an hour of nap. Joy (with some help from Veronica) did an awesome job and the results were pretty hilarious.

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If you haven’t seen the episode, the Chiclet represents either a TV or a pillow. Jim and Dwight misspelled Kelly’s name on her cake, but Christina’s pet peeve at work is when people call her “Christine.”

And if you have seen the episode, you’ll be happy to know that it was an ice cream cake.

So incredibly funny. Well done, Joy. Brava.



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2 responses to ““There’s Always A Theme!”

  1. The Rocket Queen

    DAMMIT. I was planning on making Dave an “IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.” banner and being the coolest person ever. You have beat me to the punch.

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