“I Know You Only Make Cheese Friends When Something’s Bothering You.”

Yes, I KNOW, I haven’t updated in a week. I haven’t felt like it. So suck it.

I DO update my Twitter at least once a day, so if you come here and you’re devastated that I haven’t updated, you can check the sidebar on the right for a dumb sentence or two. I call those “stalker crumbs”. (This includes other people’s Tweets that I read. Stalker crumbs are delicious.)

Things I have been up to:

* Beers and bonfires with pals
* Playing with puppies
* Staying up all night with Rob
* Slumdog Millionaire with Tom
* Twin Peaks with Twin Peaks Club
* Getting weirdly turned on by this violent Erik story
* Potential Intervention marathon with the Erins
* Dancing to It’s Blitz!
* Chatting with my sister-in-law and hanging up happy
* Boot camp workouts
* Running to prevent any obese Fish Fry/Samoa tragedies
* Obsessing over Tracy Jordan’s Cheese Friends

Now that I think about it, I was probably feeling too fat to write. It happens. Does too. It’s over now.


I’m at this ridiculous stage in my life (so ridic, in fact, that a gay friend just called it “gay”) where I’m reevaluating basically everything. It’s a battle between “things/habits/people/places that I actually like” versus “things/habits/people/places that I am used to”. I wasn’t prepared to launch into a full mental overhaul but my brain is forcing me. Does this mean I’m pregnant?*

The downside to having a blog that (theroretically) everyone reads is that I can’t write about people unless it is 100% positive. I’m not mad at anyone; I’m just deciding some stuff and I have nowhere to write and hash everything out. I may have to fire up the ‘ol private LiveJournal. But don’t be paranoid. Just know that you are all up for review. (Totally kidding.)

I don’t know how to explain this mood I’m in without rambling for days and days about nothing at all. All I can say is I feel like things are changing, and I’m not yet sure if it’s my life or just me.

*Nope. It absolutely does not.


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2 responses to ““I Know You Only Make Cheese Friends When Something’s Bothering You.”

  1. The Rocket Queen

    “Possible Intervention marathon with the Erins”???? Try DEFINITE. Next Monday it’s you, me, apparently another Erin, and some addicts. I can’t WAIT to feel superior to people!

  2. kevvers

    standing at a crossroads myself

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