Deal With Stress In Your Own Weird Way

This is gearing up to be a very busy and exhausting week. I will spare you the details – I know you don’t come here to stress out vicariously through me.

Real quick: last night I saw the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes that I’ve ever seen in my life. Today I wore shorts while I took out the trash. St. Louis is silly.

Every time I assume that I will be too busy to write, something inevitably happens and inspiration strikes and I post twice as much as usual. But as of now, Twitter updates aside, I think I’ll be too busy to write this week.

So… in case you’re wondering what I’m up to, it’s something along the lines of this:


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3 responses to “Deal With Stress In Your Own Weird Way

  1. Alli

    snowflakes can be fluffy?

  2. Yes! Fluffy and gigantic! (The melt when you touch them of course, but until then… like 2 inches of fluff. It was amazing.)

  3. The Rocket Queen

    I got to drive home in those snowflakes after working in the bar. They didn’t look so fluffy when they were splatting all over my windshield.

    And I am totally okay with the rescheduling of Drunken Intervention Marathon III. I may not feel like drinking, but you gots thaaangs to do.

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