Lamps That My Parents Own

Sound boring? Well, before you judge, take a gander:

My grandparents were artists and collected a variety of art and weird stuff while my grandpa was alive. When my grandmother moved a few years ago, she gave my parents most of her belongings. And unlike most of her stuff, they actually use all of these lamps. As many of you know, my dad is legally blind. He requires a lot more light than most of us do, and as a result, some rooms in my parents’ house have 5 or 6 lamps.

This week, I had the pleasure of turning on and off all of these lamps for him. It took a few days, but one night I realized that each lamp I touched was weirder than the next. I love (almost) all of them. The pelican lamp above was my grandpa’s. Let’s continue.

Chicken lamp:

Disco lamp:

1992 Glamor:

Lucy from the Peanuts. My grandparents made this for me:

The buttest lamp to ever butt:

A pretty awesome lamp/table set. My grandpa added all the tiles. I am definitely stealing this one day:

Incredibly realistic lantern lamp:

Civil War lamp. My grandpa made this for my dad:

Medieval lamp:

Worth noting because it’s taller than me:

Not sure if my grandma made this one, but I wouldn’t doubt it:

Up close:

But I DO know that my grandparents made this one:

Keep in mind that these are only the interesting ones. There are about 15 more. Also keep in mind that I’ve been at my parents’ house for a week now and have serious cabin fever. SEND HELP.


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4 responses to “Lamps That My Parents Own

  1. The Rocket Queen

    I luuuuurv the disco lamp. Also, Graham used to to have a lantern lamp that was totally butt. I made him give it up in the last move.

  2. kevvers

    this is awesome! im so glad you appreciate this stuff enough to photograph it, monica always told me the weird crap in my basement was amazing but ive been around it so much i think nothing of it, these are truly great pieces

  3. HLindsyDoe

    I didn’t know you had a blog! I too really love the disco lamp! I also really like the civil war one and the knight!

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