Fun Things Are Happening (On The Internet)

Well, I suppose fun things are happening in my life, too:

* My parents are are almost fully recovered from their surgeries and are feeling SO much better that I got to go home. This means I get to stop worrying, start sleeping in my own bed and start running in the morning again.*

* Also, IT’S A GIRL!! I AM GETTING A NIECE!! YIPPEE!!! And my cousin is pregnant, too! BABIES!! Other people’s babies! I can hold them and then give them back!! YAAY!

* I’m going to see Paul Simon next weekend with Tom and that should be awesome. I’ve been listening to Neil Young nonstop in my car again, so I keep accidentally telling people I’m going to see “Neil Simon”.

* I’m attempting to find a church again (I looked for a while years ago and just gave up; it was so political and depressing) and my second favorite local artist Casey Reid recommended a cool place in Tower Grove so I’m going to check that out on Sunday. South City churches have to be cooler and more open-minded than West County churches, right?

* My favorite local artist/band, Grace Basement, is playing at Off Broadway on Friday!! Hooray! I’m hoping to see a lot of old friends (except for JOSH who I just called to be my date and he’s doing stand-up in Cincinatti that night LAME).

* Erin doesn’t know this, but we were in a contest to see who could go the longest without drinking and I beat her by three days. Neener. I’m trying to avoid drinking as much as possible right now. It’s more of a weight/non-smoking/money thing than a drinking thing, but I feel pretty good about it. This will repair the damage I did to my liver when I dated an alcoholic for 6 months. (DON’T WORRY ERIN & ERIN, I still want to drink beers during Intervention with you. It is the funnest.)

* Rob has been cheering me up a ton, and making things funner when I don’t need cheering up. We were IM buddies for 5 years before we met in person (even though he knows most everyone I know). It’s been a ball being people friends in real life.

Wow, that was more fun stuff than I thought! Okay, FUN STUFF ON THE INTERNET:

* I did the intro for this week’s episode of Frank & Erik Internet Famous. Every now and then Erik puts out a casting call on Twitter and I got it. Chris walked around the corner as I was leaving the voicemail and scared the sh*t out of me, so I forgot to say “Internet Famous”. Oh well.I say I still sound precious.

* Before I link to this, DO NOT SCROLL UP ON THIS LINK unless you want to see pictures of severed fingertips. DO NOT SCROLL UP TO THE FINGERTIPS. However, the comment thread regarding the severed fingertips is pretty hilarious.

* I’ve told you about my love (and linked you to Rich’s love) for The Paper before, but now you can experience it for yourself and understand why. just started a great new series called The Great Rewatch and Tara is doing a Rewatch of The Paper. YES.

* And finally, I’ve left this on a few special friends’ pages, but this guy is too good to keep passing around one friend at a time:

So according to my research, this week my life is actually MORE fun than the Internet. WHAAAT. Hopefully by the time I talk to you again, life will totally be back to normal and still fun and there will be five pounds less of me.

*I don’t know what it is about my parents’ house that makes me eat balony nonstop, but that’s about all I did last week while they were napping.

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One response to “Fun Things Are Happening (On The Internet)

  1. Erin

    I lost? Ah shit. I don’t even mean that. I’m so non-competitive it’s sad. However, I’m super glad that the Drunken Intervention Fan Club (you don’t know it but that’s what I named us) is still happening.

    And I’ve been visiting your Ooh La La comment at least once a day since you posted it. I’m thinking about using the phrase “it do it right” in normal conversation because I know screaming “Reading Rainbow!” will earn me weird looks.

    * Also I am tired of typing “The Rocket Queen” under the name portion. It’s bad enough that I’m a nerd on MySpace. I don’t want to extend it to UK server-based blogs, too.

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