Happy Easter!

I just watched a kid crack up a bunch of old people with a fart machine for at least a half hour. Fun stuff.

My dad’s BFF John (the best man from my parents’ wedding!) usually invites us wherever his family goes for Easter. This year, his sister-in-law made a sausage egg casserole. I told her that my grandma used to make that casserole every year… and she confessed that my grandma actually gave her that recipe.

So, combine Grandma’s casserole with the fart machine, watching 8 kids frantically look for eggs, a Navy Seal vs. Somalian Pirates battle, and my dad and John making fun of each other all day… and I’d say it was perfect.

Also, after my legally-blind Dad nearly knocked a cup of coffee onto pure white carpet, he remarked, “I’m a great test to see how Christian you people really are.” Everyone laughed. My Dad is awesome.

And don’t worry everyone, I kept up my tradition of watching Coming to America. 6 years and counting. This deserves some sort of falsetto ballad:

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