I Don’t Want To Break A Thing

Going to see Paul Simon tonight with Tom; I’m pretty excited.

Today is one of those weird days where it looks like it’s about to rain all day but it never does and it’s just breezy and relaxed and beautiful without being all sunny and intense. Does that make sense? I like when the weather is perfectly in sync with my mood.

“Fate to Fatal” is on YouTube now. I never watch videos in HQ when people tell me to, but I did this time and trust me it is 1,000 times better. You can see my amazing acting at (and only at) 1:44.

Actually I paused on us and RØB made me laugh so hard that a screen grab is in order:

Also, super awesome Breeders article and interview by Jaime!

“Fate to Fatal” is probably my new “Thrill the World” in that I will link to it every month for a couple of years until I participate in something else equally as cool.

I’m doing something almost as cool and top secret on Tuesday. I’ll be able to tell you eventually and you guys will be so proud of me.

Speaking of pride, Erin and Courtney’s blogs have been entertaining me extra-a-lot lately. Kudos, funny ladies. Also, Janet actually WON the Twin Peaks Fest t-shirt contest and the guy who played the giant will be wearing her shirt?!?! Did I gather that information correctly?? How am I lucky enough to be friends with such awesome people??

Tonight: Paul Simon. Tomorrow: either Fire Walk with Me or stalking Rob Ruz. Monday: drunk Intervention with the Erins. Tuesday: something secretly awesome. After that, I will have to get creative when I talk to you guys, cuz as of now I’ve got nothing. I’ll think of something.

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