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Hot For The Osmonds

You guys, I have five tiny little boners in my heart. Adorable heart boners. In matching outfits.

FUN FACT: The Osmonds f*#&ing rocked.

For further evidence that they rocked and were totally hot, check out Crazy Horses. (PHILOSOPHICAL SIDENOTE: if a YouTube video is “embedding disabled”, does it really exist?)

I’ve been trying to spread the gospel of The Osmonds and their, like, three rocking songs for a week now.

Pandy and I have crushes on all of them (hold ME tight, Merrill), but we both agreed that in the above video, Donnie Osmond reminds us of Shane from The L Word. This fact confuses us in about ten thousand different ways that our bodies do not understand, and it drags up a lot of old issues that he and I promised to never mention again.

P.S. I saw Paul Simon tonight!!! He sang “Mrs. Robinson”!! Wheeee!!!


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