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I Always Feel Like

That cute little punim is Charlie, though Bacon is always sticking his nose under my door, too – especially if I have food or Justin in my room. Bacon adores Justin, particularly his ears.

If a dog isn’t in my room, there is certainly one lurking right outside. I wanted to take a picture of when they’re both peeking under the door and whining, but it is impossible to resist two puppy noses and I have to fling open the door immediately.

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My Super Sweet Black Thorn Pub Review

Okay so you guys…

YOU GUYS it goes crust and cheese then MORE CRUST AND MORE CHEESE AND THEN

Yeah I had one piece and I was so full and now it haunts my dreams in the best way. Plus it is an awesomely comfortable atmosphere. Y’all there was a baby in there and I was okay with that. That was a super fun night that I will post to Flickr soon. I heart Janternet and the rest of the Squids.

This summer (all right let’s face it, fall) I’m determined to experience a lot of places in the city for the very first time and I will let you know how it goes. But um, can we get back to the bacon in the cheese in the crust?

So okay dudes, who is taking me back here on a hot date?


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Beer Brat City

Man, Janternet always has the best parties and I’m sad that Saturday was the last one (at least in Soulard – someday I will visit her in Portland on my way to the Big Trees). She had a sweet garage sale and then a barbecue with a lots of folks I adore.

Best party activity ever: watching late-Seventies Encyclopedia Britannica safety videos on a 16mm projector outside on a beautiful summer night. These were hysterical. The one about poison was the funniest but I only captured a bit of the pedestrian-themed video (titled “Dead Right”):

Oh, we also watched the triiiiiiipiest Italian animated short. Does anyone know the name of it? I think my friends Joe and Katie would love it.


On Friday I had the MRI (which will be a cool thing if the results are okay and the bill doesn’t bankrupt me). Won’t know anything for a while – that’s the beauty of getting a test right before a holiday weekend – but I’ve been feeling slightly better and that’s a relief.

I was scared about the MRI but a gChat pal assured me that it would be cozy and okay. I sort of alternated between feeling all right and freaking out. The atmosphere and creepy buzzing sounds made me feel like I was in a Dharma Initiative experiment, but whatever. I’m just glad I kept my eyes closed until the very end.


Saturday night I couldn’t fall asleep and made the best of it by doing tons of chores and watching at least a season’s worth of Angel on the DVR in the process.* I was planning on writing a monster blog or two on Sunday but blog-city was down.

So instead, I updated the hell out of my Flickr. Also, Frank & Erik used the intro Davy recorded on their latest episode and you can hear me drunk giggling in the background like a total nerd.

Speaking of writing a monster blog (and being a nerd): My 5-Year Blogiversary is coming up! What should I do? Any ideas?


Monday was fun; Jen and Ron had a barbecue and some of my favorite couples were there. This was the first time I’ve seen Tyler since he’s been back. I’ve been avoiding him because I associate him with Pat and I thought it would bum me out. But I realized if he reminds me of anyone, it’s TSGoC. I would love to hear a conversation between those two. Mostly I just think, “Tyler = awesome Kubb Captain and overall nice guy.”

Oh yeah, Kubb/Koob rocks and I am actually decent at it. But it started raining out of nowhere and I immediately dashed inside and abandoned my team; sorry friends.

Afterwards I went over to Erin’s for Intervention. Usually I don’t make fun of the subjects of Intervention, but this kid blamed his addiction on being adopted. I’m adopted and that shit really annoys me (“I got taken out of poverty and thrown into a loving, wealthy family boohoohoo…”) and Candy agreed with me and is ALSO adopted so I was excited for that verbal smackdown.

Oh and Gabe’s bangs?

Make him look like the lost member of DeBarge. All he needed was one of those little dangly cross earrings. So great. Also Graham made us dinner and I got a final beer brat to punctuate the holiday weekend. Good stuff, my friends. Goooood stuff.

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, which means I’m allowed to eat a Majic Market gyro for dinner. It’s just a rule I have. I love my rules.

THEN – Top Secret Mission.

THEN – Getting drunk with Squids feat. Janternet at the Black Thorn. Can’t wait.

*Last summer I coped with all my Dad’s surgeries by watching Buffy, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to cope with my problems by watching Angel. I’m new to a lot of these episodes so it’s tons of fun and takes the pain away. Joss is Boss.


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Once Was Lost, Now I’m Found

The first Wednesday after a Lost finale usually feels pointless and empty, but the Found Magazine show was a nice fix. I’m having a brief moment of painlessness, so I’ll write this while I can. I’m starting to understand that these moments might not be “back to normal”, but rather a short lapse that I should take full advantage of. Okay, wah wah wah. On to fun stuff:

WOOOO Found show! I got there early to help Davy and Peter set up. Davy was rad enough to put me on the guest list, so I brought the fab Rocket Queen (author of the RFT’s Local Blog ‘O The Week; way to go!) as my plus one.

This guy named Mike showed up super early as well – I actually met him during the last Found event at Mad Art. Stag Row 4-Ever! The three of us mostly sat around drinking and talking when we weren’t doing arts and crafts for Davy. Fun stuff. Also in attendance was Shortcake All-Star commenter The Captain! Party!

This is the third time I have seen their show, so I’m starting to enjoy it in the same way I enjoy watching my stand-up comedian friends perform – it’s more about the delivery and the reaction than the joke itself. I get a kick out of observing that part. BUT there was tons of new stuff too. Davy keeps getting funnier and Peter’s voice gets more incredible every time I see them.

We helped the Mad Art folks put everything away and then a few of us went out to a bar in Soulard. Davy and I got to hang out for a bit and it was much needed. Even though he has such a crazy lifestyle and has to adjust to new places and people on a daily basis, he has this unique warmth and ability to make everyone feel special and significant… like it’s more of an honor for him to hang out with you than for you to hang out with him. His brother has that gift, too.

And I guess… well, there’s a lot of crap going on with me, both health and friend-wise.* So crossing paths with a friend like Davy was something that I have desperately needed. And having an awesome fun new friend like Erin is something that I’ve needed, too. That night, my head didn’t hurt at all and I felt this safety and confidence that I haven’t felt in months. It was probably because of all the laughter (and a little bit from the booze)… but I have a feeling that the friendships played a huge role, too.


Speaking of friends, two of my favorites are moving soon – Janet and Erin T. Janet obviously totally rocks. And Erin T. doesn’t know this, but last summer when things were totally scary and crazy, she played an enormous part in keeping me sane. If she wants to know how then I will tell her, but it meant so much to me that blogging about it feels… cheap? But yeah, I am going to miss both of those girls a lot. Their goodbye parties are on the same day. One involves a garage sale and hula hooping, the other involves camping and boys I used to date. GUESS WHICH ONE I WILL BE ATTENDING. Obviously it is not personal.


Tonight is my MRI. Yesterday it became abundantly clear that I am more scared about this than I would like to admit. But like everything else, there are pals who have been praying and/or giving me peace of mind and I am eternally grateful.

I finally got my light box in the mail and can concentrate on light therapy for my DSPS. Rule number one: POINT IT AWAY FROM YOU when you are learning how to set the timer. IT’S A BOX THAT SIMULATES SUNLIGHT. Not the kind of surprise you want all up in your peepers. I spent a half hour sitting by it this morning and… well, my headache isn’t that bad. Related? Who knows. We’ll see how I sleep tonight.

So to review – depending on my headache of course:**

Tonight – View images of my brains
Possibly watch episodes of Lost by a campfire

Saturday – Garage sale
Hula Hoop
Maybe bonfire (with puppies!!!)

Sunday – Squid Exhibition Game, “The Luncheonette Cup”
Reading book recommended by Gage in the park

Monday – Barbecue wiff my besties
New season of Intervention, last DIFC meeting with Erin2.

*I am sitting on a story because I’m not sure if it’s mean to blog about it. But I AM sure that it is UNBELIEVABLE and HILARIOUS so feel free to ask me in person. (OMG)

**While I am on the subject of amazing friends, I have a few who have had headaches for years. And while I always sympathized with them, I never realized how truly tough they are because my friends are not whiny little crybabies like me. So yeah… big ups to them. I hope that someday I can be (or at least act) as strong as you.


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Cocked Hat Bowling

RØB had several birthday parties, including a trip to CP Pinball, but Justin and I celebrated with him at a top secret 140-year-old underground speakeasy cocked hat bowling alley. Apparently this bar is the only place you can still find a real cocked hat bowling alley in the United States (I don’t count a place in Vegas so new that you can still smell fresh paint).

Cocked Hat Bowling (awesomely mistakenly called “Cock Tat” by a certain favorite blogger I will not name) uses the 1,7 and 10 pins (set by hand – tip your pinsetter!) and small 6-inch duckpin bowling balls. It’s called Cocked Hat because that’s the way the pinsetters wore their hats.

The place was covered in grafitti and had low archway supports, and although there is a fire exit in the back, you have to climb down this creepy tiny stairwell hidden under a trapdoor.

Despite me being on the same team with 3 Squidbowlers, I believe Kevin bowled the highest and the other team won. (We found out later we were scoring everything completely wrong and there are all sorts of symbols you’re supposed to use like a happy face.)

In addition to bowling, there were bubbles, top-notch snacks, Wendell the monkey, party poppers and lots of good friends. All the ingredients for a great party, yet somehow RØB always takes the extra step in making an event unforgettable and remarkably cool.

You can find the full album on my privacy-raping social network page, but I wanted to post at least a few of the pictures here in case RØB wants to avoid going to Facebook at all.

Happy Birthday RØB!

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‘Roid Rage

On Wednesday, I got this really horrible headache. It hasn’t gone away.

I went to the doctor on Friday. He did all the standard neurological tests and prescribed things to help, but he threw around enough scary words and warnings that I’m scared to do anything strenuous like running. And wow, do I need to run.

I have to get an MRI on Monday. I can’t really afford it. I’m stressed about that.

He gave me temporary steroids to… well, they aren’t doing shit except making me emotional and upset and anxious on top of all the pain.

A lot of people have hurt my feelings or crossed a line or let me down lately. But I haven’t said much about it because I don’t know how much is real emotion and how much is me overreacting from this medicine.

Everything was finally coming together. Things I have spent years or even decades trying to fix were finally under control or even totally better. It’s like I couldn’t even get one fucking day to feel normal. Not even one.

I’m angry. There’s some sadness in there and a lot of loneliness and disappointment. But mostly I’m really angry today.


Even when I am at my worst, I like to make sure you guys are happy you clicked on this blog. So…

When I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor FOR AN HOUR (ROID RAGE STEPHIE ANGRY RAAH) I noticed a box on the counter that said “Occult Blood.” I thought that was rad in a Black Sabbath way. Then I looked closer and realized it said “Fecal Occult Blood.” I had to share my emotions with someone so here you go:

Jason saw this and said, “you’re my very own Liz Lemon.” That makes me smile. And he is giving me a pep talk right now for some of the stuff I am raging about. Jason is the best.

It’s sunny and breezy outside, so I am going to attempt to take a walk.


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OMG Guess What We Did

Charlie taught me video editing before he left. FIRST TRY! OUR DEBUT! Now you’re really in trouble…

I wanted to add serious music cues, like “I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5 and of course, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” by Boyz II Men. But I couldn’t figure out that part on the first try and Lost is almost on, so you’ll just have to deal.

If he was here one more day, I guarantee we would’ve made a full-length feature.

I miss him already. (He’s still in my lap.)

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