SHOOOSH! – A Different DeLuise Tribute

So as you’ve probably heard by now, Dom DeLuise died. I loved watching him as a kid, but I will spare you from any tributes. I mean, what can I say about Dom that this video of him popping and locking with the Jackson 5 doesn’t already?

Did you notice his shoes? My god. Anyway… I would like to pay tribute to a DeLuise, but not Dom. And no, not his son Peter, though Peter is famous and quite lovable.

I would like to pay tribute to Dom’s middle son… Peter’s brother and co-star… and (I swear) my favorite actor (seriously) Michael DeLuise.

I love this guy.

You might remember him from Encino Man (“Shoosh!”) or Wayne’s World (“Do I frighten you? Do you want me to?”). Hell, you might even remember him from seaQuest DSV, where he had gills and swam underwater and hung out with Jonathan Brandis (RIP). His reel is a total trip to watch:

However, I first fell in love with Michael on his premiere episode of 21 Jump Street as Officer Joey Penhall, real-life and onscreen brother of Officer Douglas “Doug” Penhall. It was an episode titled “Brothers”. And in this episode Joey does something that, in my opinion, is the sexiest thing a character can do on a television show:

He went undercover and joined a religious cult. SWOON!

This is the cult:

I don’t think you guys understand how much I love episodes of any TV show (even Matlock) where people join a cult. After that, I was done for. Totally hooked. I promise there was a month or two in the 90’s where my goal was to marry him. I mean, I liked watching him on seaQuest more than Brandis. And Brandis was king!

Michael DeLuise is sexy and hilarious, and to this day he manages to appear out of nowhere in my favorite shows, like Lost. I will never be the type of girl who makes a tribute video of him and his brother set to “Look Through My Eyes” by Phil Collins (or leave a comment about how the video makes me cry OH MY GOD WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE), but dammit if he doesn’t deserve a blog entry. I love you Michael DeLuise.

Rather than wrapping up with something sad about Dom, I’ll wrap this up with some Jonathan Brandis for Erin:

I swear to god, this is the only Jonathan Brandis video on the Internet that isn’t a terrifying German tribute or him dumping DJ on Full House. You have no idea what I went through to find this. Hope you enjoy. Happy Birthday Erin!



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4 responses to “SHOOOSH! – A Different DeLuise Tribute

  1. Erin

    Oh god! OHHHHH my god! THANK YOU!!! That was so funny and terrific I am crying a little. AND you included my two favorite Michael DeLuise quotes of all!

    Though I do fear for your adolescent sanity a little when you liked watching Dagwood (wasn’t that his name on seaquest? And he had weird lines drawn all over him?) most of all. Of course, no more than for my sanity when I see clips of the show and wonder how the hell I bought that talking dolphin BS.

  2. No no no! That was PETER DeLuise! Michael DeLuise was the hot merman. (It’s okay; every now and then my brain merges the two, like the London twins.)

    I watched the show intro on my YouTube quest and could NOT BELIEVE how cheesy it was. I may need to hulu that crap, bet it’s stupidly awesome.

  3. Erin

    Duh, I know. I had that “oh christ I posted something incorrect” thought as I woke up this morning.

    But “hot merman.” Sheesh.

  4. “Merman.” *cough cough* “MerMAN!”

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