All In The Family

Back when “Poker Face” by Laga Gaga started getting major, may-jah airplay, I said this:

Justsoyouknow, I actually do have an inner gay man on roller skates and I love him dearly. When I tweeted this, I had completely forgotten about the hottest Weir on skates, Johnny. And while my inner gay man on rollerskates is from the 70’s and definitely not as fierce, watching Johnny Weir on ice is pretty close to what I’m doing in my head whenever I hear that song:

I know calling this video fierce is pretty “duh” and unoriginal at this point, but… it is. Period. In fact I would go so far to say this is the new second-fiercest video on the Internet, behind only this:

Not since Sam and Lindsay on Freaks and Geeks have I been so proud of my heritage. I might have to hyphenate my name if I get married because of this hotness.


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