It’s How I Be Bein’

You guys, I was so sleep-deprived last week that I forgot to tell you – a dog bit me! Hard! Agh!

I was running on my usual route a couple miles away from home, and I was passing a little old lady working in her garden. All of a sudden a dog appeared out of nowhere and started running alongside me. Usually when that happens, they go away if you ignore them, but not this guy.

I will spare you a picture of the actual wound (and flash photography of my thigh – you’re welcome) but yeah. Totally chomped my leg. It’s almost healed, but last week it looked like a vampire bite surrounded by a baseball-sized bruise.

I called the lady later (like I would stick around, nuh UH) and she was really cool. Apparently the dog belonged to her husband, and ever since the husband passed away, the dog has been uber-protective of her. I thought that was so sweet and I hung up the phone feeling more sorry for that poor dog than myself.


I was really shook up after the bite, so I started running on the track again. This turned out to be beneficial in a lot of ways – the softness of the track doesn’t bother my stress fracture at all, and honestly a track makes running feel more like training. I’m up to 4 miles every time I run. I want to get to the point where I run 6 miles in an hour, at least 5 times a week. Whenever I run that much, I sleep so much better and lose any weight that I’ve been trying to lose in a matter of weeks.

Plus – NEWSFLASH: running is totally easy when you don’t smoke. I forgot how good that feels. From now on if you see me at the track, I mean business.


It’s officially been 3 weeks since I quit smoking and I’ve only had one really bad craving. I’ll drink a beer or two every now and then, but I’m trying very hard to not get drunk around smokers. I should ask Janet if she knows of any sites that list non-smoking bars around STL. I need to go out soon.

Oh ooh – I did go out the other day; Bill invited me to an encore of that This American Life live show that I wanted to see. Hooray! Watching Ira Glass do his thing was pretty amazing; I didn’t expect it to feel so much like art. Mike Birbiglia and Starlee Kine were hilarious as always, Dan Savage was (emotionally) touching, and Joss Wheadon was Joss Whedon!!!! Squee!!!

Afterwords Bill and I hung out and that was pretty fun; it was nice to talk to someone whose life is evolving in the same direction as mine. I’ve gotten to this point where I completely forgot what it’s like to have something in common with people. Bill is a cool guy. Good times.


Things are fun in my windowsill:

there have been astonishing developments in Plantasia:

and Round 2 of the Pepper Plant incubator is successful. Let’s see if I can re-pot these guys without a mass suicide Jonestown hoedown. (Round 1 was… unfortunate.)

At least my original Pepper Plant is kicking ass. I really want to give away some seedlings; I like how all my friends own various generations of Katie and Joe’s Pepper Plant.


I’ve been dog-sitting Charlie for almost a week and he hasn’t left my lap this entire time. I have like 20 stupid videos of him that you will probably be subjected to eventually (like such as ). I’m starting to understand how people get to that point where they dress dogs in clothes and push them around in baby strollers or whatever. I love Charlie the exact same way my Grandma loves me. Just kisses and meatytreats and staying up past his bedtime and daily trips to the park. I even let him chase a duck! I am going to cry so hard when Dan takes him away tonight.*


AAND… DSPS light therapy. We’ll see. This is a whole new frontier for me; I may have to slowly detox off of the sleeping pills. But I’m excited. I’ve realized that I probably slept perfectly in London because that WAS my exact sleep clock – 6 hours ahead of yours. What a magic solution. Can I go back?

Does anyone know where I can buy a sleep mask? I have to become one of those people now. I want something ridiculous. OOH!!! Maybe I can make a new sewing project for Totally Stitchin!!! Courtney, would you like to help me make a sleepy mask? That would be so fun!!

Good times, they are a-brewin’. I’ve got more things cooking but I’m saving them for later.

*Seriously, losing Charlie AND Lost on the same day is like the meanest combination of doo doo that the unIverse could fling at me.


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