Cocked Hat Bowling

RØB had several birthday parties, including a trip to CP Pinball, but Justin and I celebrated with him at a top secret 140-year-old underground speakeasy cocked hat bowling alley. Apparently this bar is the only place you can still find a real cocked hat bowling alley in the United States (I don’t count a place in Vegas so new that you can still smell fresh paint).

Cocked Hat Bowling (awesomely mistakenly called “Cock Tat” by a certain favorite blogger I will not name) uses the 1,7 and 10 pins (set by hand – tip your pinsetter!) and small 6-inch duckpin bowling balls. It’s called Cocked Hat because that’s the way the pinsetters wore their hats.

The place was covered in grafitti and had low archway supports, and although there is a fire exit in the back, you have to climb down this creepy tiny stairwell hidden under a trapdoor.

Despite me being on the same team with 3 Squidbowlers, I believe Kevin bowled the highest and the other team won. (We found out later we were scoring everything completely wrong and there are all sorts of symbols you’re supposed to use like a happy face.)

In addition to bowling, there were bubbles, top-notch snacks, Wendell the monkey, party poppers and lots of good friends. All the ingredients for a great party, yet somehow RØB always takes the extra step in making an event unforgettable and remarkably cool.

You can find the full album on my privacy-raping social network page, but I wanted to post at least a few of the pictures here in case RØB wants to avoid going to Facebook at all.

Happy Birthday RØB!


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