Once Was Lost, Now I’m Found

The first Wednesday after a Lost finale usually feels pointless and empty, but the Found Magazine show was a nice fix. I’m having a brief moment of painlessness, so I’ll write this while I can. I’m starting to understand that these moments might not be “back to normal”, but rather a short lapse that I should take full advantage of. Okay, wah wah wah. On to fun stuff:

WOOOO Found show! I got there early to help Davy and Peter set up. Davy was rad enough to put me on the guest list, so I brought the fab Rocket Queen (author of the RFT’s Local Blog ‘O The Week; way to go!) as my plus one.

This guy named Mike showed up super early as well – I actually met him during the last Found event at Mad Art. Stag Row 4-Ever! The three of us mostly sat around drinking and talking when we weren’t doing arts and crafts for Davy. Fun stuff. Also in attendance was Shortcake All-Star commenter The Captain! Party!

This is the third time I have seen their show, so I’m starting to enjoy it in the same way I enjoy watching my stand-up comedian friends perform – it’s more about the delivery and the reaction than the joke itself. I get a kick out of observing that part. BUT there was tons of new stuff too. Davy keeps getting funnier and Peter’s voice gets more incredible every time I see them.

We helped the Mad Art folks put everything away and then a few of us went out to a bar in Soulard. Davy and I got to hang out for a bit and it was much needed. Even though he has such a crazy lifestyle and has to adjust to new places and people on a daily basis, he has this unique warmth and ability to make everyone feel special and significant… like it’s more of an honor for him to hang out with you than for you to hang out with him. His brother has that gift, too.

And I guess… well, there’s a lot of crap going on with me, both health and friend-wise.* So crossing paths with a friend like Davy was something that I have desperately needed. And having an awesome fun new friend like Erin is something that I’ve needed, too. That night, my head didn’t hurt at all and I felt this safety and confidence that I haven’t felt in months. It was probably because of all the laughter (and a little bit from the booze)… but I have a feeling that the friendships played a huge role, too.


Speaking of friends, two of my favorites are moving soon – Janet and Erin T. Janet obviously totally rocks. And Erin T. doesn’t know this, but last summer when things were totally scary and crazy, she played an enormous part in keeping me sane. If she wants to know how then I will tell her, but it meant so much to me that blogging about it feels… cheap? But yeah, I am going to miss both of those girls a lot. Their goodbye parties are on the same day. One involves a garage sale and hula hooping, the other involves camping and boys I used to date. GUESS WHICH ONE I WILL BE ATTENDING. Obviously it is not personal.


Tonight is my MRI. Yesterday it became abundantly clear that I am more scared about this than I would like to admit. But like everything else, there are pals who have been praying and/or giving me peace of mind and I am eternally grateful.

I finally got my light box in the mail and can concentrate on light therapy for my DSPS. Rule number one: POINT IT AWAY FROM YOU when you are learning how to set the timer. IT’S A BOX THAT SIMULATES SUNLIGHT. Not the kind of surprise you want all up in your peepers. I spent a half hour sitting by it this morning and… well, my headache isn’t that bad. Related? Who knows. We’ll see how I sleep tonight.

So to review – depending on my headache of course:**

Tonight – View images of my brains
Possibly watch episodes of Lost by a campfire

Saturday – Garage sale
Hula Hoop
Maybe bonfire (with puppies!!!)

Sunday – Squid Exhibition Game, “The Luncheonette Cup”
Reading book recommended by Gage in the park

Monday – Barbecue wiff my besties
New season of Intervention, last DIFC meeting with Erin2.

*I am sitting on a story because I’m not sure if it’s mean to blog about it. But I AM sure that it is UNBELIEVABLE and HILARIOUS so feel free to ask me in person. (OMG)

**While I am on the subject of amazing friends, I have a few who have had headaches for years. And while I always sympathized with them, I never realized how truly tough they are because my friends are not whiny little crybabies like me. So yeah… big ups to them. I hope that someday I can be (or at least act) as strong as you.



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8 responses to “Once Was Lost, Now I’m Found

  1. Charles

    Best of luck with your MRI, Ms. Sneffenies.

  2. Erin

    Dude, having the phrase “it is the dopest fish I have ever seen” was way better than Blog O’ the Week. But good luck with the brain watching. I’ll think about you as I serve drunks tonight.

  3. “I took some hoes to get some burritos.”

    Thanks Erin! I am psyched for new Interventions!

  4. Erin


  5. LOL! I love how he gave us a shoutout for being amazing rapists.

  6. The Captain

    You’re totally right, FOUND was the best substitute for Lost. Loved the show! Now if you could just talk Davy into stopping by St. Louis every Wednesday…

    Glad I finally got to meet you! To be honest, you were taller than I actually expected. I guess from the way you describe yourself on the blog and from your numerous Taller Than Me pics, I had imagined you at under five foot. Or just slightly taller than WeeMan. Then again, I’m not particularly tall and my wife is only 5’2” so I guess my opinion is slightly skewed.

  7. I am 5’2! I honestly didn’t think I was short either, until I started taking pictures standing next to people. Then I was like, “Yikes!”

    P.S. Your wife is the prettiest!

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