Beer Brat City

Man, Janternet always has the best parties and I’m sad that Saturday was the last one (at least in Soulard – someday I will visit her in Portland on my way to the Big Trees). She had a sweet garage sale and then a barbecue with a lots of folks I adore.

Best party activity ever: watching late-Seventies Encyclopedia Britannica safety videos on a 16mm projector outside on a beautiful summer night. These were hysterical. The one about poison was the funniest but I only captured a bit of the pedestrian-themed video (titled “Dead Right”):

Oh, we also watched the triiiiiiipiest Italian animated short. Does anyone know the name of it? I think my friends Joe and Katie would love it.


On Friday I had the MRI (which will be a cool thing if the results are okay and the bill doesn’t bankrupt me). Won’t know anything for a while – that’s the beauty of getting a test right before a holiday weekend – but I’ve been feeling slightly better and that’s a relief.

I was scared about the MRI but a gChat pal assured me that it would be cozy and okay. I sort of alternated between feeling all right and freaking out. The atmosphere and creepy buzzing sounds made me feel like I was in a Dharma Initiative experiment, but whatever. I’m just glad I kept my eyes closed until the very end.


Saturday night I couldn’t fall asleep and made the best of it by doing tons of chores and watching at least a season’s worth of Angel on the DVR in the process.* I was planning on writing a monster blog or two on Sunday but blog-city was down.

So instead, I updated the hell out of my Flickr. Also, Frank & Erik used the intro Davy recorded on their latest episode and you can hear me drunk giggling in the background like a total nerd.

Speaking of writing a monster blog (and being a nerd): My 5-Year Blogiversary is coming up! What should I do? Any ideas?


Monday was fun; Jen and Ron had a barbecue and some of my favorite couples were there. This was the first time I’ve seen Tyler since he’s been back. I’ve been avoiding him because I associate him with Pat and I thought it would bum me out. But I realized if he reminds me of anyone, it’s TSGoC. I would love to hear a conversation between those two. Mostly I just think, “Tyler = awesome Kubb Captain and overall nice guy.”

Oh yeah, Kubb/Koob rocks and I am actually decent at it. But it started raining out of nowhere and I immediately dashed inside and abandoned my team; sorry friends.

Afterwards I went over to Erin’s for Intervention. Usually I don’t make fun of the subjects of Intervention, but this kid blamed his addiction on being adopted. I’m adopted and that shit really annoys me (“I got taken out of poverty and thrown into a loving, wealthy family boohoohoo…”) and Candy agreed with me and is ALSO adopted so I was excited for that verbal smackdown.

Oh and Gabe’s bangs?

Make him look like the lost member of DeBarge. All he needed was one of those little dangly cross earrings. So great. Also Graham made us dinner and I got a final beer brat to punctuate the holiday weekend. Good stuff, my friends. Goooood stuff.

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, which means I’m allowed to eat a Majic Market gyro for dinner. It’s just a rule I have. I love my rules.

THEN – Top Secret Mission.

THEN – Getting drunk with Squids feat. Janternet at the Black Thorn. Can’t wait.

*Last summer I coped with all my Dad’s surgeries by watching Buffy, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to cope with my problems by watching Angel. I’m new to a lot of these episodes so it’s tons of fun and takes the pain away. Joss is Boss.



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2 responses to “Beer Brat City

  1. Erin

    After Obsessed, they re-ran the Intervention with Carl the Janitor! YESSSSSSS.

  2. SHUT UUUUPPP!!! (Omg that means it might be on my DVR YES YES YES.)

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