Go Shortcake, It’s Your Birthday

Every June 11, Shortcake gets one year older. And every year, I forget to acknowledge it. Well, this is the 5-Year Blogiversary, kids. So it’s time for a pat on the back. No no, not my back. Yours.

I usually don’t talk about the amount of hits I get on this blog unless it’s a big milestone. And I certainly don’t delude myself into thinking that I’m remotely talented or well known just because strangers read this. In fact, people on Tumblr and Twitter are so obsessed with their “followers” and pseudo-fame that I’ve gotten a little grossed out and considered not even acknowledging this little landmark. It’s just the Internet, babies. We’re all stars here.

But I think it’s pretty remarkable that in the beginning, I only had 3 readers (Jen, Ron, and Kevin), and now my life is full of friendships and opportunities that were made possible solely because of this site and the people who read it. It has turned a pessimist into an optimist, and an introvert into a notorious extrovert. It has honestly changed my life, and changed it for the better. And that’s not because of me. It’s because of you.


I started Shortcake during graduate school. At the time, I told everyone I was procrastinating while I wrote my thesis. But the truth is, I had gotten dumped by a boy who lived on the East Coast, and I wanted him to see how great I was doing without him and remember how witty and incredible I was. I wanted him to read this blog, miss me terribly, and beg me to take him back.

And it worked. In fact, it worked so well that after a week of talking, he was promising to move here. Make up for everything. Start a life with me. The works.

Obviously it was only temporary, and after we broke up again I had to give Shortcake another purpose. And more importantly, I had to give my life a different purpose because I honestly thought I was going to marry him. Move with him. Have some babies. The works.

“Now what?” I wondered (and wrote to all of you).

The truth is, I still don’t know. And so, I’m still writing. For a moment in time, I was on this clear path with a clear destination. Now I’m on this wild detour with no end in sight. But I love all the twists and turns, all the discoveries, and even the bumps in the road. Mostly, I’ve loved sharing all of it with you:

And so on, and so on, and so on…


I feel so comfortable spilling my guts because I know old friends (like Heather, Courtney, J, Pandy, Emily H., Steve and of course Jen, Ron and Kevin) are here cheering me on.

I keep writing because friends-of-friends end up reading this blog, and somehow it grows into real friendships that I value immensely (like with RØB, Janet, Courtney, Charles, Emily, Erin F., Erin T, Josh, Jaime, Sara, Allison, Rob and The Captain).

When talented people I respect and writers I admire (like Andy, Coire, Francis, Stee, Davy, Mort, John N., Ray, Frank and Erik) tell me that that they read this blog and like it, I totally freak out. And when I get a comment like this, I may or may not cry.


I have to give a special shout-out to Ben. He was the first stranger who ever wrote to me to tell me that he liked my blog. I was so fascinated and freaked out by this that I had to meet him. We ate frozen custard at Ted Drewes. Then one day, he sent me this:

That’s Beth Grant, the actress who said my favorite movie quote ever, saying it directly to me. That actually happened because I write about my dumb life on the Internet (and because Ben makes movies and totally rocks). That is INSANE.


Since I’ve linked to half of my archives, I might take a week off. So I want to congratulate Kevin and Monica now for GETTING MARRIED on Saturday!

ALSO: As much as I write on here, my favorite thing I’ve ever written isn’t on Shortcake. It’s the last sentence of this.

So… I think that’s enough, right? Is that enough to commemorate five years, five hundred entries and countless fantastic friends? Do you have enough hyperlinks to last a lifetime? Have I completely grossed you out and now you’re barfing? I hope so. And I love you. Thank you for listening.


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13 responses to “Go Shortcake, It’s Your Birthday

  1. Erin

    If anyone has a friendship that does NOT include screaming at the backsides of naked old men, well, that is a friendship I would not want to have.

  2. Janternet

    ahhh i love this blog

  3. Courtney

    As far your style goes, ‘funnest’ becomes a real adjective.

  4. Erin: Amen, sister.

    Janternet: And I love you! (And also your blog.)

    Courtney: YOU ARE. 😉 Thanks!

  5. Charles

    What, really? Beth Grant was sending that message specifically to you? Wow, that’s pretty awesome, actually. You have quite an amazing collection of friends and networks.

    Also, glad that you value our friendship. I had always thought I mildly annoyed you. In the words of Team America, I treasure your friendship too.

    http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=PAp8c2a19hk

  6. Only when you poke my face, my man. Only when you poke me in the face. 🙂 Otherwise, I treasure you right back.

    And AAAGGHHH I edited the writer/artist part to add someone I almost forgot! I imagine this is going to happen a few more times. Also, there is an invisble yet heartfelt section for friends who read this but have never told me and/or commented. Air high-fives.

  7. Charles

    Alright, hands off the Stephy. Duly noted. 🙂

  8. The Captain

    Five years? Most impressive.

    Simply put, you are one hell of a writer. I always strive to have my writing sound like what goes on in my head, and you seem to nail this concept every time. It must be a super-fun-ya-ya-bitchin party up in you noggin’ (or at least the part that make it onto the page…)

  9. Lauren

    I think that no matter how I am feeling, you have described it perfectly somewhere on here. It really helps when I’m sad and you manage to find the silver lining.

  10. Yeah, let’s put these comments in the “makes me cry in a good way” box. My god, people. Don’t you know there are other people in this room and they are about to see me grin like a crazy person? (And: thank you. A lot. A whole lot.)

  11. Monica

    You’re a great writer! I’m glad that you linked to those photos of Kevin…I saw them for the first time and copied them to my computer!


    You’re a great writer, too!! I love your blogs and all the poems from Paulette’s class. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, you’re a great person and you make Kevin so incredibly happy, so you are the tops in my book. I saw some pictures of Facebook and you looked so beautiful (and Kevin was simply beaming). Huge huge congratulations!!!! Hope to see you guys soon!

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