Okay, I Lied Again

I was closer the first time. It took til the 6th to feel better.

Still working 10-12 hour days and running 5 miles, so I don’t know when I’ll be home enough to write (and it is 1am now; just got done watching Stee’s Weeds episode and it was perfect!). Just know that fun things have happened, just happened, and will be happening (ROAD TRIP) and I will get to all of it soon.

I still want to be bitter towards some out of principle but it is more fun to banish people and get back to the party, right? I’m sure I’ll be whining about something else by next week and will have to surprise myself all over again. I sort of love me for that.


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3 responses to “Okay, I Lied Again

  1. Erin

    Your ability to surprise yourself also surprises me. And I also think it’s wonderful.

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